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New Year’s Eve 2014

Posted by on Dec 28, 2014 in Akron, All Posts, Canton, Cleveland, Play | 1 comment

New Years Eve sneaks up every year, mostly because the extravagance surrounding Christmas and Hanukkah. If you're now realizing that your Wednesday evening plans are, well, not in existence, here are a few different events happening throughout Akron, Canton and Cleveland that might pull you (and maybe your family) out of the house for a little celebration. Read More...

Birchwood & Pine | Indie Retail in Downtown Canton

Posted by on Dec 8, 2014 in Canton, Header, Shop | 1 comment

Lisa and I are both fans of the Cleveland Flea and Akron's Crafty Mart for unique, hand-crafted gifts from local artisans. {Can't tell you how often we've dreamed of organizing a similar concept in Canton. Someday.} Custom jewelry, chunky scarves, hand-thrown pottery, Ohio-themed t-shirts, paper 'wreathes' made from old books....I think we've both amassed a collection of beloved goodies. Some have even miraculously made their way out of our grips to become gifts for others! Read More...

Ohio Route 39 – Amish Country Day Trip

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Canton, Drinks, Eats, Header, Play, Shop | 0 comments

If meandering here and there resonates with you, too, you need to drive Ohio Route 39 from I-77 to Millersburg. For Akron/Canton/CLE folks - good news - you can easily get there and back in a {long-ish} day. In my last post, I talked about Park Street Pizza, which is a must-stop on Route 39. On every day but Friday and Sunday, though, they don't open until 3 PM, so you need to plan your day accordingly. Also, Park Street Pizza is just one small slice {sorry, had to} of activity along Route 39. I've cataloged some additional stops that are almost all food-related, but that's hardly a surprise if you're a regular reader. Food IS what defines any outing.Read More...

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