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Posted by on Dec 27, 2016 | 2 comments

A Canton, Ohio Wedding

A Canton, Ohio Wedding

Oh, hey! Remember me? I’ve been on quite the hiatus over the past few months and for good reason(s). Between getting engaged, planning the wedding, finding out we’re EXPECTING (woohoo!) and big changes at work… we’ve been kind of busy over here in the Dalpiaz household.

Yep, that’s right, Lisa Davala is now Lisa Dalpiaz. Basically switched out a couple letters, gained a Z and am still correcting the mispronounced last name. I wouldn’t change a thing though.

I really wanted to share my wedding planning experience with everyone though because planning a wedding in Canton or planning a wedding in Akron proved a bit more tricky than we had expected. E and I detest party centers, dirty hot barns, salty chicken entrees and hearing Brick House at receptions, so it was quite the adventure to plan.

So first, big issues we ran into that no one told us about.

  1. Have more than 125 guests? Well 50% of your options in Akron and Canton are out. What’s left are party centers and a smattering of under-the-radar venues that are not listed or promoted online.
  2. Industrial and modern spaces that accommodate over 125… ha-ha-ha. The closest thing we found to this was in Cleveland at the Lake Erie Building, but we wanted to keep it near to home.
  3. Not affiliated with a church but want a church wedding? We ran into three things here; a solid no, join the church for X amount of time, shell out $2,000+ dollars (and don’t forget to tip). Both E and I come from Catholic backgrounds but aren’t members of a church which proved to be a hellacious problem. The only pain point we had in the wedding planning was finding the church. Think back to the last 8-10 weddings you’ve been to? Have they been in churches? Most likely not, most likely they were in barns, at country clubs, on a golf course, a community center… not a church.
  4. Weddings are expensive, even in Canton. (Get over yourself big cities, ha.) Obtain a firm overall budget in the beginning. Whether you’re paying for it, or someone else is, having the number makes it a lot easier to make decisions.

Now on to the things we did like.

Part one: The pretty things

Jeweler – Julz by Alan Rodriguez
wedding rings in canton

Fun fact: E and I never went to look at engagement rings together, plus I didn’t have a Pinterest board for him to use as a guide, but he created the most stunning ring I’ve ever seen with Julz. The wedding band was equally as perfect. Working with Alan, Karen and the rest of the Julz team was something we looked forward to. When walking into the downtown Canton location it feels like walking into a friend’s house (with really sparkly decorations) and they know who you are right away. We knew we wouldn’t go the big box jeweler route, we wanted something local and unique and we wish more people knew they had that option too. The entire experience from start to finish was a ball mostly in part to the Julz team, and we were left feeling fortunate to have found our forever-jeweler.

Julz by Alan Rodriguez
220 Market Avenue North
Canton, OH 44702

Bridal gown shop – Abbott’s Bridallisa davala dalpiaz

My mom and soon to be mother in law ventured out with four bridal shops to visit on our first dress outing. We started, and ended at Abbott’s. My consultant suggested I try a few others out of my intended style, so when I saw an off-colored one at the end of the next aisle, I grabbed it to meet that quota. Bottom line, I loved the selection they had and ultimately found my dress (that last out of the box one).

The few things that made me a little crazy: they ask “is this the ooooone?!” after every dress, the cost of bustling a custom cut gown and a mega-stressful last fitting appointment issue.

None the less, the point is, their selection was great and I appreciated the consultant pushing to try something different. I only add the issues so you know what to go in and ask specifically about so you’re more than over-the-moon about the experience. A good friend just got hers at Abbott’s last week and was also more than delighted with the selection, so please, please add them to your list.

Abbott’s Bridal
1280 South Main Street
North Canton, Ohio 44720

Florist – Garden by the Gatedalpiaz347

Wow. That’s all.

Just kidding, but seriously, Garden by the Gate is a florist company ran by Joy and Nan, two wonderful women who have a passion for beautiful flowers and the ability to pull a vision together then in turn over deliver. Collyn had actually made the recommendation to chat with them when she found out about our venue and what we had in mind. These ladies not only accommodated around our schedules, but they also created a Pinterest board to collaborate, brought great insight on seasonal options and even helped swap out my requested peony (very expensive in October) with a cafe au lait Dahlia in which I ended up liking BETTER than the peony. They were on time every step of the way and set up everything from the flowers to their custom-made sparkling gold table runners. The price was beyond fair, and the level of professionalism and quality of work was outstanding. I couldn’t recommend working with these two lovely ladies enough.

Garden by the Gate
2840 Nimishillen Church Rd NE
Canton, Ohio

Next up in our Canton, Ohio wedding series: 

Part two: The consumables (catering, desserts)

Part three: The venues (rehearsal dinner, church, reception)

Part four: The people (DJ, photographer, salon, transportation)

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  1. Oh, this is exciting, congrats! I’m planning a Cleveland wedding for this November, & I can’t help but feel like I have NO idea what I’m doing!

    • You’ll have so much fun planning! We basically just thought of what we liked and didn’t like at weddings we had attended in the past and applied that. I also thought that the checklist in Today’s Bride magazine did a great job of outlining when you should get things done (the rest of the articles were garbage) but we planned ours in 6 months and we felt good about that amount of time!

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