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About Us

About Us

Hi there!

We’re Lisa and Collyn, two good friends from the Akron-Canton area, who love to soak in the local scene. This blog is all about our finds, mostly here in Northeast Ohio, and as often as opportunities arise, beyond the Buckeye State.

Bloggers from Canton, Ohio

We’ll give you the low-down on our favorite spots without making you read a novel or using foodie phrases like “the flavors exploded in my mouth.” We love storytelling via pics and video, so you’ll find plenty of those too.

So why “amused bouches?” We thought it was pretty funny. We also prefer our online info in quick, “bite-sized” pieces (We’re busy! We have mild ADD!), love miniature versions of just about anything, and generally prefer first courses over the main dish, so the whole amuse-bouche concept is right up our alley. We also speak fluent French. …not really.

We’re also pretty fun, easy-going, and amused by the little things in life. And we’re fans of little price tags, so even though we’re out exploring, that doesn’t mean we’re breaking the bank. That might be a fabulous cocktail, great small plates at our favorite chef’s restaurant, an amazing taco dive, or a damn good locally-brewed beer. It could also be a fun new boutique or local Etsy business or yoga studio. …We don’t eat all the time.

Bloggers in Cleveland, Ohio

We successfully stalked Kevin Smith at Content Marketing World in CLE

We are also both marketers (Collyn’s a director of marketing & events in Canton, Lisa’s a director of marketing in Akron/Canton), so the web is central to what we do. We’re basically a couple of web geeks in cute clothes. The web – and in particular social media – is an essential part of our overall experience with a brand or place. Expect us to be talking about those things pretty frequently.

Whatever we find on our adventures, we’ll tell you about it here. You’ll probably see lots of references to Lisa’s husband, E, and Collyn’s hubby, Futureman. They may even guest post from time to time, and will probably be far more entertaining than we could ever be.

We hope you’ll read along, try out our finds, tell us about yours, and not take us too seriously. After all, we don’t. :)

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