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Meet Collyn

Meet Collyn

collyn-floyd-instagramHi there. I’m Collyn (pronounced Colin…as in the magnificent Colin Firth), but I’ll answer to pretty much anything – Colleen, Colon (thank you, Colin Powell), Carolyn, whatever.

By day, I’m a director of marketing and public relations in downtown Canton. I’m also a food lover, deal finder, wannabe fashionista, DIYer, amateur gardener, caffeine addict, cocktail aficionado, wife, and mom to three rowdy boys.

Things I love:

hoppy beer
farmers markets
warm bread and salted butter, along with a bowl of olives, please
tacos al pastor, but mostly any taco
striped things
spending my money locally
the movie Rushmore
Wilco’s double album live in Chicago
designer items at consignment store prices

Guacamole, grapefruit margaritas, and the Greenhouse Tavern burger are things that make me giddy. Applebee’s, anything described as “smothered,” and food that’s not seasoned properly…not so much.

I’ve been fixing up, decorating, painting and repainting our 1940s Cape Cod for 12 years now, and still have so much to do. It should be finished right about the time we move. I love picking up unique finds for it, though.

I’m a St. Louis native (GO CARDS!), and my family still lives there so I’m a frequent visitor.  Thankfully, my parents are adventurous eaters, so I grew up going to Vietnamese restaurants and Mexican taco dives as if it were the norm. Now I’m trying to share similar experiences with my kiddos. So far, so good.

I married a Texan, moved away from STL, and we landed in Canton, Ohio. Yep, Canton. This has been our home for 15 years, and we’ve grown to love it. Except the winters…I really hate the winters. We go “exploring” most weekends and report on our finds here. My hubs goes by Futureman – it’s been his online moniker for as long as I can remember.

Wanna learn more about me? Read the blog!

Wanna get in touch?

Email me at collynfloyd [at] gmail [dot] com
Find me on Twitter @CollynInCanton
Follow me on Instagram for excessive food pics and other nonsense


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