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Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

lisa dalpiaz

Hey there,

I’m Lisa and I love all things interesting and local.

I have been a NEOhioian my entire life. I’m from Magnolia, went to college in Kent, and came right back to live and work. The area is near and dear to my heart, and I truly enjoy sharing my passion for it.

A lot of my posts will be about Akron-Canton establishments, and that’s because it’s where I spend a good amount of time. I love seeking out new things to do close to home and work; and luckily there’s a ton between North Canton and Highland Square (Akron). You’ll certainly hear about me and my husband‘s out-of-state travels as well; we find ourselves in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis yearly to see friends and family. I’m also a contributor for About Magazine and Cleveland Plus, so look for my favorite finds over there too.

In my excursions, I usually try to find some sort of ‘deal’ involved whether it be a coupon, promo code or some ridiculous email offer that I lied about my birthday to get. I love finding these and always try to share the wealth when I stumble upon them.

By day I’m the director of marketing at the Akron-Canton Airport, by night, you’ll find me at sporting events, shows, out for dinner, or going for a drink.  Weekends you’ll find me thrifting vintage furniture, crafting, or heading to some new place for brunch. Oh, and I’m into running now! (That’s what aging and eating will force you into.) I’ve also picked up some other interests along the way of life, such as Indy Car and F1 racing and DIY furniture refurbs.

What I Enjoy Most:
Local and Mirco Brews
Music and Food Festivals
Wine and Beer Tastings
Live Entertainment
Food Tours and Specialty Dinners
Locally Owned Shops and Eats

Anywho, learn more about me, how to snag awesome deals, and where to go through my posts.

Tweet me, email me or check out at all my amateur, filtered photos:

Twitter: @LisaDavala
Email: LisaDavala at gmail dot com
Instagram: @lisadalpiaz
Google +: Lisa Dalpiaz


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