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Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 | 0 comments

Big Sports in a Growing City: Akron Aeros

Big Sports in a Growing City: Akron Aeros


When driving up to Cleveland for a sporting event seems like haul, the Akron Aeros provide a surprisingly accessible and affordable outing for residents of Dover, Canton, Akron, etc.

All of us non-Clevelanders have been there – jealous desires of wanting to take a swift car ride to Progressive Field, or even walking from an amazing restaurant to a ball game. You guys up North kind of have it made…

BUT. Low and behold. We have our own Summit county gem of a stadium, with a treasure of a team. (I sound like a pirate now, right? I’ll stop. Promise.) The Akron Aeros. I love this team. I love this stadium. Additionally, where you would assume the love would stop – it doesn’t. This team has new ownership, or a new promo director (let me check my facts and i’ll get back to you on that), who does a FANTASTIC job of stirring up some buzz around the team, stadium and what they have to offer. Congrats to him, and I can’t wait to see how everything pans out; I believe they’ll have an awesome turnout this year.

I actually work right across from the stadium at OuterBox (wave at us if you end up going to the game) and every time I walk out of there on game day I have to remind myself to drive my butt back to North Canton and get things done at home.

HUGE INSIDER TIP ABOUT PARKING!! You see the three parking lots in front of the stadium on Buchtel? Notice that only two of them have gate keepers in the orange vest taking $5 bills from you. That 3rd parking lot, that mind you – does have a few cars in it at the time – is not charging. Weird you may think? No. You have to pay $2 before 5pm on weekdays, but after 5 PM and during the weekend it is FREE. So while I’m driving out of there, hand me $3 and we’ll call it even. ;)

Anywho, back to the ball park. They have CRAFT BEER. You know what that is, and you know both Collyn and I yearn for it. Naturally I’m going to be excited about it, but can I also tell you about the tasty ice cream, gourmet food (hello gourmet hot dog stand!) and cotton candy? All of the amenities you look for at the Jake… er… Progressive Field, plus many more.

The seats are fantastic. You can’t find yourself a bad seat, aside from the restrooms, because it is a smaller stadium (It’s the Indians’ Farm team, so don’t be surprised) but it’s comfortable, accommodating and such a good outing.

There are great places to grab some cheap eats and drinks before and after the game on that strip including: Baxter’s, Lockview, Barley House, Brubaker’s, Diamond Deli, Wing Warehouse, House of Hunan, or venture a little further for Luigi’s.

Parking: See my tip above; free parking on the streets after 6pm, $5 parking in local parking lots
What to wear: Your Aeros gear! Hoodies, t shirts, tank tops, dresses, onesies. Anything aside from formal wear – I can’t confirm this, but doubt they’ll pay for your dry cleaning if anything were to happen.
Social occasion: All. Seriously. Family outings, guys night out, girls night out, date night, friends night, friends but want it to be a date night, and by-yourself-want-to-get-away-from-it-all night.

Official website:
Schedule and promos:

Canal Park, 300 S Main St, Akron, OH 44308

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