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Posted by on Mar 13, 2013 | 0 comments

Baxter’s Bar Akron

Baxter’s Bar Akron

Options for ordering a microbrew in downtown Akron have long been scarce. We’ve had Lockview, of course, but that was about it. Most of the bars on Main Street boast cocktails, wines, some imports, but mostly big-box domestics. Needless to say, prior to the summer of 2012 your only option for a delicious craft beer was limited.

THEN. Then Baxter’s Bar opened, right beside Lockview actually, and they carry around 200 beers.

Of those 200 beers, there are domestics, imports, microbrews, local brews, bottles, 20 taps and my personal favorite… happy hour. Seriously though, they do a fantastic job of bringing in local brews such as Hoppin’ Frog, Ohio Brewery, Great Lakes, Fat Heads and more.

For those watching your calories (what, you’re bothered by the 350 calories in that Imperial Russian Stout? Psh), they also carry a fully stocked liquor bar and a pretty good wine selection.

The atmosphere is laid back, and easy going. You can walk in after work in your business professional attire, or roll in with your jeans on. The variation of people is comfortable and welcoming. There’s dim lighting, decorations on the walls and a large bar that has a lot of seating so you can usually park yourself up there to see the beers for yourself. If you don’t manage to squeeze into the bar, they also offer around 10 booths where you can hang out with friends or eat dinner.

Yes, they do offer food. And, it’s pretty good from what I’ve tried. Go for the pretzel bites and Mexican BBQ Braised Chicken Tacos, YUM. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. If you’re a little hungry, but maybe have dinner plans later, grab a martini glass full of their Baxter’s nuts supplied from the Peanut Shoppe next door. They’re great, have a little spice to them, and are only $1.79. (Use a copycat spiced nut recipe to make your own.)

Specials and Ongoing Events:

Happy Hour: 3-7p.m. $1 off drafts and $3 glasses of house wine
Taco Tuesdays: $2 tacos and $4 margaritas
Open Mic Night every Monday from 7-10pm
Wednesday 9-12 live music
Saturday 9-12 live music

Parking: Typical downtown Akron parking, if you find a spot in front, that’s great! Parking is free after 6pm. If not, you may have to park around the block.
Price: It can get pricey drinking here, the beers can range from $3-$9. Food is reasonably priced at an average of $9.
Social Occasion: Happy hour, girls night out, beers with the dudes, or stopping by after a show at Musica or the Akron Civic Theater.
Service: Service is great at the bar, but it can take a while to get your tab and drinks while sitting at a table.

My overall rating: love it

Baxter’s Bar Links: – of course my favorite

205 S Main St
Akron, OH 44308

(Downtown Akron Area)

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