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Best Halloween Attractions in Northeast Ohio

Best Halloween Attractions in Northeast Ohio

You have two more freaky-filled, fear-festering weeks of Halloween hoopla to partake in, so I’m here to help you make the most of what little time you have left. And supposedly, Ohio is pretty haunted, so you’re already half way there.

In addition to the Best Haunted Houses, here’s a list of the most thrilling Halloween Attractions in Northeast Ohio. How are attractions different than Haunted Houses you may ask? Read on, and you’ll see.

Molly Stark in Lousiville Ohio


Lantern Ghost Trails of Zoar
Bolivar, Ohio – Zoar is home to war reenactments, quaint  shops and cute boutiques. It’s a historical village that garners a lot of traffic for those looking to learn and experience the past. In this tour, you arrive at dark (9pm) and are guided through the town; you’ll learn about rumored spirits and visit the sites where they reside.

Friday and Saturday evenings from May – October
Lantern Ghost Trails of Zoar

The Haunted Orchard
Wooster, Ohio – Located in the Melrose Orchard barn, this orchard attraction has a pretty fun back story to it (toxic apples made people go CrAzY). If you live in Ashland, or even Canton, the Haunted Orchard isn’t a far jaunt away, and is a different atmosphere than the standard corn maze or house.

Thursday – Saturday, 7:30-11pm through October
Haunted Orchard

Nightmare in the Wilderness
Lodi, Ohio – After a hayride takes you out into the woods, you’re dropped off to start your 45 minute walk through an orchard, maze and and trees. If you’re not already super excited about the clowns, zombies and monsters, they do boast about their caramel apples and cider that are available after your trip through.

$17 For Adults (cash only)
$12 For Children under 10
October Weekends, 7:30pm – Midnight
Nightmare in the Wilderness


Mansfield Reformatory
Mansfield, Ohio – I’m almost certain most people reading this have heard of or actually seen the Mansfield Reformatory (if you haven’t watched the movie Shawshank Redemption – I demand that you rent it now). However, if you’ve not experienced it first hand, you absolutely must. Spirits of its prisoners and workers are said to still remain confined; FACT: you feel them when you’re there. You have the option to make this a walking tour, or stay the evening.

Ghost Tours are $70/person ($17 for a regular haunted walk-through)

  • Check in between 7pm-8pm
  • Guided tour of facility 8:30-9:30
  • Independent investigating 10pm-5am

The Ohio State Reformatory

Prospect Place Estates
Trinway, Ohio – These estates were a stop on the Underground Railroad, but the  hauntings reflect residents and guests of the property who had come to an untimely death. Prospect Place Estates is a little on the pricier side, however you stay from 7:30pm until 1:30pm the next day for each hunt – various prices and hunts are offered through the week.

Year-Round Tours
The deposit for a Friday or Saturday night is $120.00
The deposit for a weeknight hunt is $50.00
Prospect Place Estates

Cedar Point HalloWeekends
Sandusky, Ohio – Heights don’t freak you out enough? Good. Go to Halloweekends for a butt-load of haunted houses and mazes included in your admission. If you have little humans with you, don’t worry, you have to purposely go into those sections for anything scary, they also have kid-friendly activities that they’ll like. Bonus for those with children – free candy in the Snoopy Boutique.

Weekends during September and October


If you forget, Ohio is one of the older states in the country, and with that, there has been a lot of time to conjure up folk lure and haunted destinations. So if you’re brave enough, and have a tight clan, go on your own adventure to some of the real haunted places in our areas. Some of the more notable destinations with sad, scary or eerie pasts are:

  • Crybaby Bridge – Alliance
  • Molly Stark – Louisville
  • Warlock’s Grave – New Philadelphia
  • Regal Vineyards – Madison
  • Franklin Castle – Cleveland
  • Gore Orphanage – Vermillion
  • Farnam Manor – Richfield

Like I said, Ohio has a plethora of locations that claim fame to certain hauntings. For example, Stark County is bustling with tales of ghosts and urban legends. Do you have any particular place you go to induce chills each October? Let us know and we’d love to check them out!

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