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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 | 4 comments

Outdoor Dining: Our Top 10 Restaurant Patios in Canton

Outdoor Dining: Our Top 10 Restaurant Patios in Canton

On this, the first official day of summer, let us celebrate by exploring Canton’s rarest dining amenity, our city’s Big Foot or Loch Ness monster if you will: the DECENT PATIO.


It’s a perpetual question Lisa and I ask each other and get from our friends…and the one most likely to be followed by a string of ‘ummmmms’ and staring blankly into space: Where can we sit outside and enjoy a little food and drink…without gazing directly at someone’s Ford Focus in the parking lot?

Then it dawned on us: We have a blog! We can brainstorm! We can write a blog post compiling our favorite patios! Add to it as we think of new ones! Reference it when we can’t think of any places to eat outside!

(We’re geniuses.)

So, we’ve been dutifully dining out and compiling a list of great patios for your enjoyment this summer. Take a looksie, and be sure to mention in the comments if we missed any good ones. (These are in no particular order, BTW.)

TD’s Tailgate. This place surprised us! It’s on Tusc near Aultman Hospital, which hardly screams ‘lovely night out,’ but they have a big patio in the back with a full bar. Bonus points for really good bar food, decent craft beer selection, and live entertainment on select nights.

The Barrel Room. OK, so technically it’s next to the parking lot, but the fencing and general vibe leave you feeling otherwise. They have an awesome beer and wine selection, and you can order Sol Pie Pizza and eat it outside. (The Artisan Veggie? I die.) They’ve been hosting food trucks on Thursdays in June, too, which I hope hope HOPE becomes a regular thing. Oh, and they have twinkle lights…who doesn’t love twinkle lights?

Perennial Vineyards. If you’re willing to venture out to Navarre, you’ll find this great little rustic winery. A big patio, picnic tables, pizzas and wine…you’ll feel a million miles away from Canton. We love it for an easy weekend afternoon/evening excursion not too far from home.

Winking Lizard. I am NOT happy with the miniature-sized new North Canton Winking Lizard (I read that was the most space they could get). But when the weather’s nice and the garage doors are up, the patio expands the size of the restaurant by 50%. Although basically in a parking lot, the landscaping and outdoor bar does a decent job convincing you otherwise. Plus? I can’t resist their beer selection, and their food is pretty good, too. Go on a Monday or Tuesday to get great specials and avoid a wait. Oh, there’s the Jackson location, too, and my personal fave of all the WL’s patios: Peninsula.

Gervasi Vineyard. We already gushed over this one, but it’s worth mentioning again. It really is the best patio…I mean PIAZZA…in the area. A lake, firepit, bocce, SWANS, what’s not to love?

Caffé Gelato – UPDATE: CLOSED. If you’re craving caffeine, a cup of gelato, or a light meal, head over to Caffé Gelato in North Canton. They have a lovely little brick patio courtyard tucked between two buildings, with zig-zagging twinkle lights overhead. It’s perfect for lunch, a latte with a friend, or something sweet after dinner.

Eadie’s Fish House. Not so much of a patio as it is a covered outdoor area, I say it goes on the list (and I’m writing the post, ha!). Eadie’s magically transports you to the beach as soon as you drive up. And there are few things I love more than beachside dining. It is fried-everything heaven, so save up those cals. Now if they could work on getting an actual beach….

Panini’s – UPDATE: NOW JERZEE’S. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch me on an ultra-rare Girls Night Out in Canton, you know that I secretly love Panini’s. It’s tiki-themed and beyond tacky, but so fun and great for people watching. You just gotta embrace the cheese factor. There’s usually lots of dancing, unflattering ‘club wear’, and shots flowing – i.e., this is not a place known for its craft beer selection.

Canton Club. Their open hours are constantly changing, and they’ve been less open to the public recently, but if you get the chance through a private or special public event, or their Wednesday rooftop happy hours, you’re rewarded with a gorgeous 12th floor view of downtown Canton and beyond.

Sylvesters. It’s a North Canton fave for their patio and upscale Italian food. I haven’t been impressed with the food (maybe I just ordered poorly?), but they do deliver a great patio experience. It’s usually hoppin’ back there, and they seem to be continually adding to it. From my experience, the crowd skews a titch on the older side.

Some other options you might try:

  • Danny Boys – it probably could have gone in the top 10, but I’m not a fan of their carb-o-licious food. Nice patio, though!
  • Maize Valley Winery in Hartville – huge covered area, which is great if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate
  • Vinoteca Wine Bar in Jackson Township – Lisa vouches for this one; if you don’t like it, blame her. ;)
  • Main Street Grille – a nice sizable brick patio and fire pit sit along the rear of the restaurant
  • Several ‘faux’ patios up at the Strip. The best of the bunch is Wasabi, in my view.

So there you have it! A whole bunch of Canton, Ohio patios. Now get out and enjoy ‘em before it starts snowing!

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  1. How could she fail to mention Granite Grill in East Canton? The best patio and view of them all!

    • That’s a great one, Tony. This is an evolving list; when I wrote this post I hadn’t been there yet. Thanks!

  2. If you’re going to list Perrenial, why not include the patio bars over looking the Portage Lakes?

    • Fair point! Do you have a favorite? I liked Olde Harbor, but it’s no more…


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