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Posted by on Sep 20, 2013 | 4 comments

Best of Northeast Ohio Fall Festivals and Pumpkin Patches

Best of Northeast Ohio Fall Festivals and Pumpkin Patches

Like Lisa pointed out in her post on Tuscarawas County Wineries, fall is a good time to be an Ohioan. The weather’s agreeable, the sun’s shining on our rolling hills, and there’s a feeling in the air that we BETTER FRICKIN’ ENJOY IT before we’re snowed in for four months. Also? Fall means scarf and flat boot weather, which is clearly the most important take-away from this post. Duh.

For my boys, though, scarves and flat boots aren’t their thing in fall (or any other season – parenting win on my part). For them, it’s about spending hours picking out the perfect pumpkin (which of course is never the one I would pick out…fine), corn mazes, hay rides, and apple picking. Bonus points for a petting zoo. ALL the bonus points for wine on the premises to keep mom happy.

This isn’t every place in Northeast Ohio for fall fun and pumpkin pickin’, just some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Maize Valley

maizeFor the ultimate in Ohio fall activities, there’s no better place than Maize Valley Winery in Hartville. I love it, and not just because it’s the only place on my list that’s also a winery. The owner, Bill Bakan, is awesome – he’s always looking to take his farm to the next level, whether that be cool fall stuff or wine-n-food. My company does a family night there each fall, complete with a hot food buffet, bonfire, corn maze, hayride, and, yes, WINE. So fun.

Maize Valley also offers a pumpkin cannon (awesome), car-eating dinosaur, ginormous corn maze which I’ve yet to complete without cheating, hayrides, llamas and such, pile o’ climb-y tires, and more. In the market, they have a fabulous selection of cheeses, salsas, spreads, and deli meats – all in addition to their wine tasting bar. Yep, something for everyone. Prices are $7-$10/pp. Fun fact: Maize Valley hosts 30,000 people each fall. 30,000!!!

6193 Edison
Hartville, OH

Nickajack Farms

nickajackKiddo bliss! Nickajack’s Fall Festival activities include picking your own pumpkins, hay rides, corn mazes, straw mazes, games, a petting zoo, playground, and more. A great spot for people located west of Canton. Prices start at $8/pp.

2955 Manchester Ave NW
North Lawrence, OH 44666

Arrowhead Orchard

arrowheadI know Arrowhead as the pretty place on the way to IKEA. Also, it’s where my kids go apple picking on field trips. But in reality, they offer the full Fall Festival weekend experience: pick-your-own pumpkins, hayrides, corn/straw mazes, climbing/riding activities and yes, apple picking. They offer over 20 varieties of apples in their market, including honeycrisps! Sat & Sun, $5/pp.

11724 Lisbon St
Paris, OH 44669

Kingsway Pumpkin Farm

kingsway pumpkin 2I like this one for the littles. Kidlets can pick punkins or select ‘em pre-picked, ride a tractor-pulled train ride or wagon ride, look at farm animals, and go kid-crazy in their barn, which includes a straw maze. For big kids, they have a corn maze and hayride. Prices are super-affordable – $3-$9, depending on which activities you choose.

1555 Andrews Street NE
Hartville, OH 44632

Mapleside Farms Pumpkin Village


If you’re in Cleveland/Akron, be sure to venture to Brunswick for Mapleside’s Pumpkin Village. It’s a gorgeous farm, and they go all out with two corn mazes, hay rides, a jump park, super slide, cow train, and zombie paintball. Don’t miss Flashlight Fridays either! Prices start at $12/pp.

294 Pearl Rd
Brunswick Ohio 44212

Szalay’s Farm

szalaysThis one is right in the middle of the Cuyahoga Valley, and you can see it if you’ve ever been on the CVSR Railroad. It’s mostly a market, but they also have a HUGE corn maze if you’re up for the challenge. Stock up on pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds, syrups, and fruit while you’re there. The corn maze is $5/pp.

4563 Riverview Road
Peninsula, OH 44264

Those are a few of our fall festival faves. What are yours? We’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Mapleside is nice more for the scenery not many activities to do for adults. It is very expensive if you have a family of 5 or more!!

    • Agreed! Actually several of the bigger farms can run a family close to $100 for an outing!

  2. I love szalays, mainly because it’s down the road. Last year we did the maze one afternoon. No other families were in there, we have no kids, we still got lost. I’m not exactly the best for those types of things. I’ve heard a lot about the hartville one, will probably check that out this year!

    • Maize Valley is great! …but beware, their corn maze can be tricky, too! (Corn mazes aren’t my thing, either.) :)

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