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Posted by on Apr 23, 2013 | 2 comments

Birchbox: Exploring High-End Beauty From Home

Birchbox: Exploring High-End Beauty From Home

20130426-084602.jpgCan we please shout from the roof tops that this “box of goodies” trend is our favorite? Also, this is an idea Collyn and I had two years ago and never followed through with because we are…. idiots, apparently.

Anywho, Birchbox – we love this! Here’s the concept: a box is sent to you on a monthly basis for $10, shipping included, and it contains samples (around 5 or so) of high-end beauty products.

Why would you do this, one may ask. Let me answer that – the Canton area does not currently carry these things in our ┬ástores/malls. We’re getting more options here, I promise, and an Ulta store is in the works, but currently we can’t explore the boutique style lathers, slathers and smelly things that others have readily available.

Aside from the lack of availability of products like Benefit, MAKE, Sage+Fasten, Ojon and more, it is a really nice surprise to get in your mail when you aren’t totally expecting it.

When I first received mine, I saw the products and for a split second panicked – how am I supposed to use these things?! (Here’s a not so huge secret, I kind of smear products on my face and hair and hope it works. I am not an expert on beauty products. I buy and just pray they do SOMETHING that looks decent.) But thankfully, Birchbox has totally thought that dilemma through and includes a neat card that explains what they have sent you, what you should do with it and what to expect from its use.

Each of the boxes are tailored to match your skin type, hair color and style preference. They are able to do that through a pretty simple questionnaire you fill out in the beginning (unless you’re Collyn and find out about this questionnaire after 4 months of getting a box lacking in theme).

If you end up really enjoying a product and wanting more, you simply login to your account, and they pull up your most recent box and make it easy for you to purchase the full size version.

I’ve recommended it to every girlfriend who will listen to me that she needs to sign up for this gem. Another neat feature of Birchbox? They are smart and realized their target-customer most likely has a gentleman, maybe even gentlemen, in her life and created a Men’s Birchbox. It’s $20, but the dudes receive lifestyle items and neat “guy” things like watches, whiskey rocks and more. I personally plan on buying a subscription for E… sent to my place first of course so I can call dibs on the good stuff. I swear it’s with him in mind….

Totally can’t wait until someone applies this concept to clothes – go ahead, take my idea, just make it happen.

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I also recommend signing up for their newsletter because it is done very well, and is an easy, fun read.

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  1. And I just discovered you could fill out a survey about yourself to customize the boxes. D’oh!

    Thanks! :)

    • Me too, Sara, meeeeee too.

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