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Posted by on Dec 8, 2014 | 1 comment

Birchwood & Pine | Indie Retail in Downtown Canton – CLOSED

Birchwood & Pine | Indie Retail in Downtown Canton – CLOSED

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Lisa and I are both fans of the Cleveland Flea and Akron’s Crafty Mart for unique, hand-crafted gifts from local artisans. {Can’t tell you how often we’ve dreamed of organizing a similar concept in Canton. Someday.} Custom jewelry, chunky scarves, hand-thrown pottery, Ohio-themed t-shirts, paper ‘wreathes’ made from old books….I think we’ve both amassed a collection of beloved goodies. Some have even miraculously made their way out of our grips to become gifts for others!

Problem is, these collective ‘marts’ aren’t always convenient; they’re held on select weekends throughout the year, so if you need to pop in for some last minute gifts, you’re shall we say, SOL.

It’s as if Birchwood & Pine’s Rachel Jernigan knew this when she opened her very Crafty Mart-esque shop on 6th St. next to Thatsa Wrapp  in downtown Canton. After all, she’s a Crafty Mart vendor, and her new store carries items from several others. {Quick sidenote – I’m thrilled that Rachel opened shop in downtown Canton. We’ve been making great progress on the arts and dining fronts, so it’s good to see more much-needed indie retail happen downtown.}

Birchwood & Pine is small and cozy, with cool stuff occupying every nook and cranny. It’s a mix of new, salvaged, recycled, vintage, and modern accessories and clothing, all hand-picked to match Rachel’s aesthetic, regardless of whether it’s new or old.  Rachel’s square paintings on wood {which I LOVE} and funky handmade jewelry adorn much of the walls, recycled textile pillows and vintage handbags sit in crates, and imported kimonos and wool scarves hang from a salvaged ladder. Wooden toy robots sit on an ironing board repurposed as a shelf. Elsewhere are The. Coolest. Ohio t-shirts, stone beverage coasters, vintage tchotchkes, hand-picked consignment clothes, and a hundred things I’m forgetting.

Naturally, I walked away with a couple of treasures: a chunky, loose-knit infinity scarf in dark grey and gold from Little Birdie Designs, as well as four vintage gold-rimmed highball glasses -> perfect for my next Tom Collins. Prices range from pocket change to over a hundred bucks, with Rachel’s paintings being on the higher end. With a fair amount of one-of-a-kind vintage or recycled goods, this is a place to check back often.

Birchwood & Pine is open Tuesday – Saturday, with pretty generous hours daily for a one-woman shop. Definitely stop in for some unique gifts that will have your family and friends saying, “Where did you GET this?” …And those are the sweetest words a gift giver can hear.

602 6th St. NW
Canton, Ohio 44702


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1 Comment

  1. Looks like a beautiful addition to our community and I’m sad to say I haven’t visited in person yet. Soon, I hope! Thanks for helping to keep us all connected.

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