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Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 | 0 comments

Bread Head Bakery – Coffee and Breads in Dover

Bread Head Bakery – Coffee and Breads in Dover

Last weekend, E and I were headed to his hometown in T-County (Tuscarawas County, for all you northern folks) and had some time to kill and bellies to fill.

Collyn had mentioned Bread Head Bakery in the past, and it went on the to-do list… but then was kind of forgotten. Because we were already close to New Philadelphia when we decided to eat, we detoured into Dover to finally give it a try. I’m so glad we did.


Breakfast options, sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Bread Head’s menu covers breakfast, lunch, (early) dinner, and dessert. Our sandwiches were about $7.49 each and came with a bag of baked chips and choice of pastry item. OH MY GOSH, the pastry items were delectable. I was so happy with our cannoli that I had to get two more to go. Sorry, I’m talking about it first… because I ate dessert before lunch in this case :D

This cannoli is straight from heaven.

Pastries, dessert and bread… each item we had was so enjoyable, I probably mentioned 2-3 times during our meal that we’d have to come back soon. (And we will.)

I ordered the Porky Pig, and Eric went with the Bread Head BLT. My sammie had honey ham, sharp cheddar, and garlic-mustard (I think I detected horseradish in there, though) on Bread Head-baked white bread. I’d put it in the grilled-cheese category as well as on my grilled cheese “best of” list.Porky Pig Sammie.


The bread made it a winner. If I were smart and not so focused on the cannoli, I would have brought a loaf home. The breads are artisan, and we could tell from our sammies they were perfect. The texture and taste – Spot. On.

E’s BLT was delish; I think the kicker was the option for ghost chili mayo! Other mayo options were regular and smoky, but ghost chili? Love it.

Oh yeah, other pastry items on our to-try list include giant Buckeyes (size of your fist), macaroons, muffins of all sorts, and take-home breads.


Oh, the coffee. Drink it fresh-brewed or dolled-up. There are a variety of fun flavor combos that are already pre-concocted and granted clever names like the S’mores Latté, Magical Mystery Tour, and Minter Wonderlands. These drinks will run you about $4.20. (Bob Marley reference here?)

Dairy issues? They have other “milk” options like soy, coconut and almond for under a dollar extra.

On top of the fancy-schmancy (delicious) java drinks, they also offer decaf and regular brewed coffee in traditional flavors, and flavor roasted options. A three ounce serving of espresso is $1.99, which is a steal. All options are much more affordable than your chain Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. A large, hot coffee is $1.99! Small coffees are $0.99 for a hot cup, or $1.09 for an iced coffee. Also, for under a dollar, you can pump a few flavor shots in your cup.

Bonus for residents of the Dover/Philly area: they open early enough to grab a cup before you go to work. For others who are running around the area in the AM, you can also get a wonderful cup of coffee and muffin to start your day. I was excited to see they are open at 9AM even on a Sunday – for those going into church or running errands.

Smoothies and Bread Head sodas are also on the menu. We didn’t opt for smoothies, because the sandwiches were filling enough, but they sound tasty, with all fresh fruit. We did, however, try one of their orange flavored sodas. Their sodas are delicious (who knows how many calories) but not too sweet, and bursting with fruit flavor. In addition to the bottled sodas, try one of their Italian Sodas, which are made-to-order iced club soda concoctions with all-natural flavor syrups.Fantastic Bread Head Bakery labeled sodas. 

Need More of a Reason?

Within walking distance you have a dress shop (one of by BFF’s got a gorgeous dress from Lavender), Eiler Candy Shop, a few hair salons (Renaissance Salon is fab), a couple bars and a few one-off shops. Third street is really “ground central” for the downtown Dover area. Additional places of interest include the Tuscarawas Fair Grounds, Tuscora Park, Warther’s Museum and a few golf courses (wineries if the java makes you feel frisky).

We totally loved the place, and hope that you do too! Let us know if you’ve been, plan to go, or what your favorite spot in the Dover area is. We would love to know and try it out.

Tuesday-Friday: 8a-6p
Saturday-Sunday: 9a-3p
Closed Mondays

Visit their website.
They do a great job on Twitter
And… Facebook.

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