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Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 | 1 comment

Buzzbin Art & Music Shop in Downtown Canton

Buzzbin Art & Music Shop in Downtown Canton

If you’ve driven down Cleveland Avenue through downtown Canton, you’ll remember seeing a bright yellow building on the corner of 4th st. Ever wonder what it is? It’s Buzzbin Music and Art Shop.

Buzzbin should ring a bell, not so much as a music venue or bar, but as the print magazine you pick up and read for show listings, event calendars and articles for NEOhio locals. The owner, Buzzbin Mike, naturally gravitated towards being the host and coordinator of the shows he writes about.

Music Venue

Live music in Canton is hard to find, but you’ll find it here (and a lot of it). They started hosting bands a few years ago and it’s only grown. At this point, the bands come to Buzzbin asking to play without much prompting. The artsy-eclectic shop books enough artists to fill the week, meaning you can see a band nearly any night.

You won’t be rocking out to top 40s (hallelujah) but instead you’ll find rockers, punk kids, folksy and eclectic  bunches up on stage, both local and national. Buzzbin appreciates music of all kinds, and with the various genres, people of all sorts will find a night of live music in which they’ll appreciate. Some of our favorite bands we’ve seen there include White Buffalo Woman and The Most Beautiful Losers. With the different festivals they put on, you have an opportunity to see 10+ bands in a weekend.

While watching some killer performances, enjoy a refreshing brewskie or two (3, 4 or 5…). You’ll find a diverse, always rotating selection – from Uinta to Great Lakes to PBR and Coors. They even have happy hours, and tastings. You’re pressed to find another place in the area with a similar beer selection (aside from Conestoga – we love you guys too), so the spot is worth checking out to switch up your stagnant happy hour routine. Not into beer? They have a fridge full of Fanta.

Fantastic beer selection.


Monday Night Comedy – Every Monday evening at 9pm, watch  comedians who come down from Hilarities in Cleveland to try out their material on Canton-ites. Those shows in CLE will run you anywhere from $25-$50, but Buzzbin has these folks on stage for free.  Want to Keep it Canton? It’s not always the big-shots, you’ll find some local funny guys and gals to start following too. Also, try 5 craft beers for $5 plus snacks.

“Geeks Who Drink” Trivia Night – At 8:30pm on Thursday night, test out your smarts with some trivia. Pair trivia questions with beer, and you’ve got yourself a fun night.

Don’t forget that live music isn’t every once in a while, it’s nearly every night. Check out their event calendar to find who is playing and when.


Buzzbin is an integral part of the 4th st. extravaganza that happens during our not-so-frosty months. Think of the 4th street concert series with great bands like Hey Monea, Hard Days Night and Yankee Bravo. Sit on the stage side of the establishment with the windows open and you’ll have the best backstage seats. They’re also a big component of First Friday. You’ll hear music flowing, meet cool people and know that there’s a welcome mat for you during the First Friday of the (any) month.

Froth Fest

In an attempt to be timely and give you even more of a reason to get to Buzzbin, I present to you “Canton Froth Fest”. It’s annual, so you may have heard of it. If you haven’t, it’s this Friday the 3rd, in correlation with the Canton Arts District’s First Friday.

Get to the Froth Fest!

Image Credit: Buzzbin

What’s the deal with Froth Fest? Spend the evening watching bands inside and outside, no matter rain, sleet, shine, warmth or frost. Buzzbin pairs up with Pabst Blue Ribbon to bring you over 15 bands from the area and beyond. They split the stages with George’s Lounge and a new coffee shop called Cultured Coffee Company, and while the bands play, the chainsaws will roar. Whaaaat? Chainsaws? Yes, chainsaws. Canton Froth Fest also incorporates chainsaws and live ice carving.

Buzzbin is surely worth checking out, whether they’re hosting a special Canton event, or on your average Monday evening. It truly is a gem of Canton that brings a certain, welcomed vibrancy to the area.

Mon – Thu: 4:00 pm – 1:00 am
Fri: 2:00 pm – 1:00 am
Sat – Sun: 5:00 pm – 1:00 am
Parking is free on the streets after 5pm and on weekends. Meter or lot parking before.
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1 Comment

  1. i invite you to come see the New Buzzbin. They have moved from the old spot to a new one. you can contact there entertainment person at, for what they are doing these days

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