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Posted by on Jul 8, 2014 | 1 comment

Wednesdays at The Canton Club: Rooftop Patio Party!

Wednesdays at The Canton Club: Rooftop Patio Party!


If you want to take your ho-hum happy hour routine to new heights, boy do I have a spot for you.

The Canton Club, a historic club-turned-events center-and-restaurant at the top of the Chase Tower in downtown Canton, is hosting something new this summer: ‘Rooftop Patio Parties’ every Wednesday from 4:30-7:30pm through August 13. Think happy hour in the sky. With a patio. And craft beer and ‘grill grub.’  *Bonus points for being two blocks from my work.*

rooftop party

For now, this is a limited time engagement, but you still have a month of Wednesdays to see what I’m talking about. {I heard a rumor about possible dates this fall. Stay tuned!}

The Canton Club, which dates back to 1907, is home to some of the finest history and real estate in the city. I’ll save you the history lesson {you’re here for the happy hour info, I get it} but if you’ve stayed away, thinking that they’re only open for private receptions, this is your chance to see what the Canton Club is about. It’s worth the extra effort, I promise.


This is what you’ll do: grab an elevator 12 floors up to the Club’s main lobby, take a {long} flight of stairs or second smaller elevator up to the fourteenth floor, and be rewarded with access to their roomy wrap-around patio, complete with zig-zagged twinkle lights, a gorgeous oversized concrete railing, and breathtaking views of the city to the north and east. My favorite is the view north, over the gold ‘trumpeters of justice’ {City Hall} and up Market Avenue.

Oh, and if it’s like last Wednesday, you’ll join 50+ patio-partygoers and possibly a few of friends, too.

While the interior vibe of the Canton Club is definitely Old School {there was a separate Ladies room and Mens smoking lounge back in the day, and there’s still lots and lots of red and blue wallpaper everywhere!}, I find the patio to be simple, chic and fun.

Lisa and I went last year as part of a Canton Food Tour and had some of the tastiest food we’ve experienced in this city. Last Wednesday we went back for the rooftop shindig and enjoyed some craft beers, an assortment of burgers, brats, and dogs on their mega-outdoor grill, live music, and a spectacular breeze you simply can’t get on the ground floor. We spotted a handful of friends, too.


It’s great for a small group wanting to chat or big group wanting to party. It IS Ohio, so we have to talk about this: there’s plenty of covered seating just inside, should the ‘worst’ happen {rain}. The prices are right, too – beers are mostly $3, and food is under $10.


From our Canton Food Tour:

Canton Club terrace - beautiful in bloom!

All of this is a very long way to say: summer is approximately 42 days in Northeast Ohio. Change up your happy hour routine for the next few weeks with something pretty different and amazing. The sky’s the limit!

The Canton Club
The Chase Tower
101 Central Plaza South, Floor 12
Downtown Canton, Ohio 44702
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1 Comment

  1. Thank you for coming up and enjoying the festivities. We are planning our first shrimp boil on September 17 and an outdoor Octoberfest the 15th of October. Same bat time, same bat place.

    Enjoy your blog!!!!

    Chuck Schuster

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