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Canton Ohio Wedding Venues

Canton Ohio Wedding Venues

Ahhh, the venues. Some were easy to find, others… quite the opposite. As I recapped in the first wedding post, we had a number of issues arise as we looked for venues. We tried looking through, a couple of local bridal magazines and even word of mouth without much luck. We ended up just recounting past events, not just weddings, we had attended and enjoyed and went from there.

Part three: The venues

Rehearsal dinner – Table Six

You know we love our Table Six. It was actually the first restaurant to come to mind as we started planning the after-rehearsal dinner, but we did our due diligence and explored other options like Kozmo’s which was close to the church, and even considered having a catered dinner at our house but in the end we went back to T6 because it’s where we’ve spent so many other important occasions throughout our relationship, it seemed like the perfect fit.

I did feel a wee bit of guilt beforehand. I had assumed we were going into a very large bill at the end in which E’s parents would be on the line for, mostly because as a couple we have a hard time getting out of there under $60 + tip. However, we were pleasantly surprised (and a little shocked) to find out the more people you have eating the more affordable it becomes. All of our guests had cocktails of some sort, appetizers and ordered their choice for entree; for 24 people we would have paid about the same to cater in the dinner, but didn’t have the hassle of setup or cleanup and our friends and family were able to chose what they’d enjoy most. And you know how important food is to us.

Table 6
6113 Whipple Ave NW
North Canton, OH 44720

Wedding – St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church with Father Georgest timothy's church massillon

Admittedly, we thought finding the venue for the actual marriage would be a cinch, so we didn’t pay it attention until we had secured our reception venue. Big mistake.

We were engaged in April and decided around May that we would get married in October which is 6 months for planning. E and I have similar religious backgrounds and come from Catholic families, so we had assumed we’d call and set the date with one of the umpteen Catholic churches in downtown Canton. Ha-ha-ha. Not a chance. Each one asked if we were members and then promptly said no. Those who gave us the option to become members had the clause that you must be a member for over 6-12 months… and then pay $2,500+. Remember that timeline I laid out earlier? This was July, so 6 months wasn’t even possible.

Luckily, a coworker of mine is a member at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Massillon, just 15 minutes away from downtown Canton, and had suggested we give them a call. After the 10 or so previous calls I was not looking forward to it, needless to say. But they were AWESOME. From the first phone call on, Candy was a doll and so helpful in coordinating a meeting with Father George who would be helping us through our marriage classes and ultimately be performing our ceremony.

Father George is such a wonderful person, so down to Earth, helpful and full of real-world advice. We took our relationship assessment and met with him three times to go over it and it was something we looked forward to. He’s got a great sense of humor and delighted not only us, but all of our guests in attendance.

The church itself is stunning, it’s in historic downtown Massillon and was built in the 1800s. The sanctuary walls are all stained glass, some of them original Tiffany & Co. It’s grand, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s still a comfortable size to feel warm and inviting.

While E and I are not currently church-goers, we do see a future at St. Timothy’s. I do also hope that some of the churches we originally reached out to take note so they can grow their perish with newly weds. Just sayin’.

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
226 3rd St SE
Massillon, OH 44646

Rehearsal – Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photographyjoseph saxton gallery

This barn craze has got to come to an end. Anyone ever consider the unsanitary environment with fans blowing dust and dirt over your food? And the climate control… more like lack of climate control. End rant.

We wanted an industrial look and unfortunately in the area we wanted, Akron or Canton, that just doesn’t exist for 200 people. I welcome someone to take the idea and bank on it (I’ll be happy to invest.) Luckily we knew of the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography in downtown Canton that would have an elegant look that allowed for a large group.

Working with Maria and Tim was great, the guidelines are pretty simple for the rental, don’t damage/steal the art and no open flames. They supplied about half of the tables we needed for our set-up which cut our rental cost down, they have chairs within the rental but we opted for a different style, and they also supply bartenders with the alcohol order. We were able to bring in our own caterer and DJ, and used JS as our alcohol provider which worked out great, the prices for the quality of liquor, wine and beer we got were fair and we were able to customize our beer choice to be exclusively Thirsty Dog. Maria even went out of her way to make a new connection with Thirsty Dog to accommodate our request, which we greatly appreciated.

The location was perfect for us too. We both love downtown and appreciate all that the arts community has brought to the area, so it was nice to be part of it for an evening. Not to mention, it’s a pretty neat opportunity we have to revisit the gallery at any time and think back on our night.

For folks who wanted to make a late night of it, we were just steps away from the Auricle, a block from Buzzbin, the Triple Nickel and George’s Lounge. And we certainly took advantage of that.George's Lounge Canton

With the McKinley Grand just a few blocks away and the plethora of hotels in Belden just 10 minutes, accommodations came naturally easy with our downtown Canton venue.

Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography
520 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, OH 44702

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