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Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 | 2 comments

Affordable Lodging: The Cleveland Hostel

Affordable Lodging: The Cleveland Hostel


Oh, scaaaaarry. Seriously, that word resonates feelings of fear (thanks Eli Roth) and ideas of dirty backpackers, at least for us non-world travelers. However, when you stay in a modern hostel, all those stigmas quickly subside. And as Northeast Ohioans, we luck out because we have a great one to call our own: The Cleveland Hostel.

The Cleveland Hostel has been in business for a few years now, and continues to lodge folks of all sorts. With an indie, hip decor including bicycles, wood floors, an adorable telephone booth, any concerns of a dirty hostel environment immediately diminish.Welcoming hostel Lobby.



I’ll admit, I’m not a hotel-dweller, and really don’t spend time lounging where I’m staying, so dishing out $200+/night on a room I’ll barely see? Cringe-worthy.

Hostels, however, are a fraction of the price of regular hotels. At an affordable $65-$75 for a single room, or $25-$27 for a shared room, anyone can stay in Ohio City without dishing out hundreds of dollars. That means plenty of extra money for the “fun stuff.”

Not only is the price of each room unbeatable, the room options are perfect for big groups, couples, small groups, or lonesome wanderers.

Single rooms have a queen size bed, some with private bathrooms, others with shared ones. Shared, meaning there are three spacious, single bathrooms in the hall that are communal among other guests without the private option.

Some other rooms have two queens, some with a queen and bunks. Perfect for families, or for a group of friends.

Double room at the Cleveland Hostel

The rooms with appeal for medium-large groups include the four beds, six beds and eight beds. Both times we have stayed, we’ve noticed bachelor parties, football buddies going out the night before a Browns game, and a teen retreat.

Each room (at least the singles/doubles) come with a chalk board to write a message for the next guest, a desk, some CLE art on the walls and that’s about it. The only issue you will run into is thin walls, so you hear people shutting doors and walking around. It personally did not bother us during our stay, and there is a quiet hour at 11pm, but I understand some people are light sleepers. Hey, you can’t please them all.


The West Side Market is right across the street, so if you’ve been living on restaurant food for a while, you can pick up fresh produce and meat and come back to cook at the hostel. One of the winning amenities is the full size kitchen – stocked with pots and pans, cooking utensils, dinnerware and appliances.

A great place to cook with a group, meet new people, or bring a late-night pizza back to eat on one of the family style tables. It’s a communal kitchen on the 2nd floor, and invites guests from any room to join.

Feel like grilling or enjoying the sunshine for a bit? The Cleveland Hostel extends even further upward with a rooftop deck. That’s a pretty cool amenity, as the only other rooftop deck in Ohio City I’ve found is over at The Black Pig.

Free wifi and free parking are wildly convenient. Other conveniences include on-site laundry and bicycle rentals.

Sure, you won’t find breakfast in the lobby, but why would you want to when you have Grumpy’s, Lucky’s Cafe or Jack Flaps nearby?

Glad You're Here.


What’s around? A lot, actually. You’ll find the hostel next to Campbell’s Sweets, R/S Room Service and Salty Not Sweet. Across the street and a few steps north, you’ll run smack into the West Side Market. The hostel’s placement in Ohio City is smart and convenient.

Other awesome attractions? Outdoor patios, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Glass Blowing, Crop Bistro, vintage shops and more on the West 25th drag.

An evening in Ohio City is wonderful any time of year, but you can also take advantage of the affordable lodging while partaking in events across the river. We stayed overnight after the Cleveland Beer Fest this past month, and it was only a $10 (with tip) cab ride to get to the Cleveland Convention Center. It’s even closer to Progressive Field and The Q.

The Cleveland Hostel is also near the RTA, and if you’re comfortable enough bicycling around the city, you’re able to get to the downtown and Tremont area cheaply and quickly.

Why would you pick the Cleveland hostel opposed to other spots? It’s affordable, homey,  laid-back and totally local. And it’s not just for poor college kids, we’ve seen couples in their late 40s-early 50s, teens on a retreat, and many 20-30 something year-olds.

For reservations, try booking in advance, because there are only 15 rooms. Also, free lot parking is across the street, or on-street parking is available during specific times.

Learn more about The Cleveland Hostel here.

2090 W. 25th Street Cleveland, OH 44113

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been curious about it since it opened. It was nice to get a peek inside and to hear about the room options.

    • Absolutely, I was happy with the stay. We live close enough to drive home, but it’s nice to have the option to stay if we are staying out late :)

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