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Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 | 2 comments

Deli Ohio – Locally Sourced Food and Love

Deli Ohio – Locally Sourced Food and Love

Hipsters, sandwiches, downtown Canton, I love ‘em all. Combine them and it’s like a [local] little piece of Portlandia. Recently opened Deli Ohio is just that – also, a much needed addition to the food scene here.

I say much needed because it fills that gap between sit down restaurant and… McDonald’s. The deli gives you the choice between lingering for a while, or hurrying the hell up and getting back to work.

Options include 10 sandwiches, 3 salads, a soup and ever-changing sides. Each sandwich sounds and looks alluring for its own unique reasons, but I will personally recommend the Turkey Bacon and Avocado sandwich. It is heaping amounts of fresh, smoked turkey, Great Lakes Burning River bacon, slices of avocado, cheddar, tomato, house made aioli and romaine on a big, soft hoagie from Hazel’s bakery. The portions you receive are surprising for the affordable price.

TBA Sandwich from Deli Ohio

Sandwiches, with kettle cooked chips and a pickle, range from $7-$7.50, salads (which friends have described as fantastic) range from $4.5-$8. A cup of soup is $3 and a bowl is $5. Little ones can eat for $3, which is a really good deal.

*Facts to impress your friends over a Sammich: The bacon, ham and other pork ingredients are sourced from The Pork Chop Shop in Cleveland. Each one of the pigs, and subsequently their products, are Ohio-raised, steroid free, hormone free and preservative free.

You won’t find Pepsi or Fanta here; Hansen’s soda is their bubbly of choice, made from cane sugar and a little high on the calorie-end, but you feel good knowing there are only about 5 ingredients in each can. Cherry vanilla is tasty, creamy root beer is great, but the unexpected beverage winner is the Dry Blood Orange Soda. Not sweet, but it’s definitely refreshing for those who prefer to get soda water with fruit.

Locally sourced – the buzzword of the year. With CSA programs and farmers markets around us in summer and fall, it’s exciting to get into the spirit of locally grown, organic items, for the season. But Deli Ohio does that year-round. You can find fresh, in-season ingredients, when available and know that your sandwich will be of the highest quality. In fact, when I stopped in on Saturday afternoon, I overheard that some of the ingredients came from the Canton Farmer’s Market that morning, just blocks away.

This “delicatessen” is a welcome part of the downtown Canton community, already. Although, there have been a few hems and haws about its location in a previous plasma center, but really? I don’t get the fuss. Sustainability! Responsibility! Reusing an existing building and transforming it into a new space with a new purpose – I love it. Go to 328 Walnut Ave., Canton. and you’ll love it too.

Weekday or weekend, there is plenty to do before or after you grab a bite to eat at Deli Ohio, here are a few of those:
First Friday
Art Galleries
Coffee shops
Farmer’s Market
Canton’s 4th Street Flea Market

We’ve met these guys a few times. First, as The Two Amused Bouches during our Canton Food Tour, then Collyn and I on our own…on separate occasions; we were that excited to go check it out. Collyn’s boys all enjoyed the spot, and her son Sammy even out-ordered her. I took my family (finicky eater mom, foodie dad, veggie-prone boyfriend and sister from Chicago – food mecca of the Midwest) and the conclusion = EVERYONE loved it. We couldn’t even achieve that feat in Chicago. At this point, if you aren’t convinced that Deli Ohio is worth your try… I can’t believe it.

328 Walnut Ave NE
Canton, Ohio 44702

Monday – Friday 10:30am – 8pm (real people availability – yes!!)

Saturday 10:30am – 3pm

Deli Ohio on Urbanspoon

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  1. This article is so encouraging! Thanks for making us feel so welcome in downtown Canton. Reviews like this make our vision and never-ending work so worth it. Thanks again. :)

  2. We are delighted Lisa to have Deli Ohio as our neighbors on Walnut. Nice blog post!


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