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Posted by on Nov 28, 2017 | 1 comment

Dough Co. Doughnuts & Coffee

Dough Co. Doughnuts & Coffee

We admittedly don’t venture near enough to Tuscarawas County to eat and drink. While E and I are often down that way to visit friends and family, the area doesn’t surface as a go-to, and it should. Sublime Smoke, Park Street Pizza, Bread Head and Lockport Brewery are all just 15-20 minutes down 77 south and really great places to patron.

Another restaurant to add to the list is Dover’s Dough Co. Doughnuts & Coffee.Dough Co. Doughnuts

In the 10 minutes or so we were in line (goes quick for the number of people) we saw the trays of doughnuts go, and then reappear fresh from the kitchen right behind the counter.
The doughnuts, not donuts, are gorgeous. The flavors range from simply glazed to buckeye with creamy peanut butter and chocolate drizzle. And the texture, oh my gosh, one word – fluffy.

Doughnuts aren’t the only menu item. One of my favorite pastries, the Kolache, is served for $1.99. (While these are delicious in Dover, try them in Texas should you ever find yourself there.) Kolaches at Dough Co come with pepperoni, sausage or bacon (plus cheese.)

Plus caffeine, and plenty of it. The morning we stopped in, there were six coffees – French roast, Colombian, pumpkin, blueberry and a couple others. For those who like some sweetness and added flavor, there’s an array of Torani syrups to choose from as well.

Who loves doughnuts more than us? Kids! And lucky for the little ones, there is a kids’ play area in the restaurant towards the back. It’s sectioned off so if things get rowdy, the front of the house won’t be any the wiser. (Front of the house pictured below.)IMG_6169[1]

The value for the food is ridiculous. We only paid $11.29 for a large coffee, sausage, cheese and egg croissant plus six gourmet doughnuts. I’m almost certain you can get one crappy donut and a large Styrofoam coffee for that price at Dunkin’ Donuts.
Fancy cakes $10.99/dozen
Glazed cake $9.99/dozen
Glazed yeast $8.99/dozen

Other steals include $1.99 apple fritters and cinnamon rolls the size of your head, there’s also a smaller version of each for smaller appetites. Long Johns (cream sticks, whatever your term is) are $1.29.

Pick up a few doughnuts and a coffee next weekend in Dover and go enjoy a little of what T-County has to offer at Warther Museum, Schoenbrunn Village, Ohio Erie Canal Trails or Zoar Village. Or, plan to grab a brunch brew up the road at Lockport Brewery in Bolivar.

Open 6a-8p Tuesday through Saturday and 6a-2p on Sunday. Closed Monday.

Find Doughnut Co. Doughnuts & Coffee at 801 Boulevard St B, Dover, OH 44622

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  1. You forgot to mention Shy Cellars as a go to in Tusc county. So good!

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