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Posted by on May 17, 2016 | 3 comments

Earth Fare Canton, Ohio Review

Earth Fare Canton, Ohio Review

In anticipation of the grand opening of the new North Canton Earth Fare, we’re giving away a $25 gift card to Earth Fare (usable at any of the stores-and more on this at the bottom). They graciously provided gift cards and opened their doors a little early for us to preview the store, try some samples and explore the space.

The 4th of its kind in Ohio, the store has moved into the [long-abandoned] plaza at Whipple and Everhard, right off the Belden Village exit. After a total revamp, the plaza looks great and Earth Fare is the first (of many) stores and restaurants opening.

The big picture items:

  • Earth Fare offers more organic items than any other store.
  • Options include more than 4,000 non-GMO items.
  • All items are free of high-fructose corn syrup, artificial fats, artificial trans-fats, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, bleached or bromated flour and never administered growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Earth Fare didn’t start in our backyard, their roots are in Asheville, but they do focus on incorporating local farmers and producers.
  • Currently, they have products from 20-25 local farmers/producers’ at any given time at the North Canton store.
  • Maple créme cookies… seriously, just try them.
  • If you want to try something, ask an employee and they’ll open it so you don’t end up buying it and wasting it.
  • Earth Fare is open from 7am-10pm, 7 days a week. This concept = YAS.
  • I thought this list would be shorter, but now I’m kind of digging it, so it stays…

Sounds like it could be pretty expensive, right? False. The prices are comparable to other grocery stores around. The seafood and meat are a bit more, but given the circumstances (non-GMO, etc), that flies with me.


Organic produce out the wazoo here. And so tasty! While fruits and veggies at a grocery store are standard, I hope, Earth Fare Canton has a neat (and totally new concept) the “Cut Station“.Cut Station at Canton Earth Fare

You walk around, find the exact veggies you want in your dinner that evening, take them up to the station, and they cut them. Hate/don’t know how to cut a pineapple? Judgement free zone, they’ll do it for you.

They know that healthy eating can be time consuming so they try to make it easier so you do more of it. If you’re on a minimal effort kick, just choose one of the pre-packed mixed veggies in front of the station.

pre cut veggies at earth fare north canton


All sorts of flours, coffees, nuts, snacks, trail mix, etc. There is an entire wall of everything you may need either in bulk, or just a little bit. This is especially helpful if you’re mostly cooking for 1-2.Buy bulk food in canton ohio

One of the interesting offerings is the bulk liquids. Anything from blue agave to maple syrup, to soy sauce and vinegar. Use the provided containers at no extra charge or bring your liquids in bulk

Need saffron all the time? Nope. No one does. Luckily, you can buy what you need with the bulk herbs and spices (found over by the wines.)

buy bulk spices in canton

Meat and Seafood

100 specialty cuts of meat are available.

Mic drop.

Seriously, if there is any cut of meat that you would like, just call ahead and they’ll accommodate. That is unless you want meat jam-packed with hormones and GMOs and nitrates and nitrites… then no, those are on their no-go list.

The normal stuff is also there on a daily-basis and ready when you are like beef, chicken, bison, lamb, etc. Here’s what else is exciting though – there is a butcher working all day. That’s right! If you’ve ever stared with hanger into a meat case, with no butcher in sight at 7:10pm on a Wednesday… you know how fantastic this is. This even impressed E, and that’s difficult.


If you’re looking for specific milk brands like Hartzler, Snowville, Kalona, Homestead Creamery, Meyenberg….. etc, etc, etc. They have them. And more. Whether you’re looking for almond, cashew, soy, whole, flavored, they’ve got it.

Are you an egg snob? Do you also happen to like sustainable farmers from Akron, Ohio? Lucky you, the eggs sold here are from Brunty Farms. Again, Earth Fare is always on the hunt to increase the number of local vendors in their stores and tie in with the community.

Specialty cheese in canton

If something is from the area, you’ll see a red circle indicating so. I recommend you keep your eye out for those items and buy the hell out of ‘em.

Alcohol Stuffs

They’ve sure got a lot of it. The wine selection is nice, there’s a good variety, but not the largest in Stark County.

Wine and beer in canton

We were really excited to see our favorite Ohio breweries (with distribution) in the mix like Fat Heads, Great Lakes, Platform, etc. But we were also happy to see almost an entire refrigerator wall of craft beers. Sampler packs, make your own packs, cans, bottles, talls, etc. Lots of good options, especially while we launch into the summer months. Love that smaller breweries are embracing the can! No taps here though, so keep your growlers at home.

Heirloom Café

The Heirloom Café is only the second of its kind for the store. It’s open from 7am-10pm and you’re able to get anything from organic smoothies, juice and coffee to sandwiches, wraps and pizzas.

Open – 11am is a breakfast bar; from 11am on it’s a salad bar for $7.99/lb. There’s seating inside for about 24 people, and a patio with additional seating is directly outside of the café. (They sell beer in the café as well if you have some extra time for a patio beverage.)

If you’re in a hurry, there are specials for grab-and-go all week, but one that’s hard to pass up (especially for a family) is the $6.99 take-and-bake pizza on Fridays.

Gift Card Giveaway

Okay, now you want to go. We are giving away a $25 gift card for Earth Fare. To enter, just share this post on Facebook and tag us. We’ll choose a winner on Friday, May 20th. Good luck!

Earth Fare Info

7a-10p 7 days a week (store and café)

Earth Fare Website

Earth Fare North Canton Facebook

3939 Everhard Road
North Canton, OH 44709

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  1. This is really cool. As a health conscious mom to a large, growing family, I find it really hard to buy ENOUGH meat, milk, etc that I “approve” of –
    Love Hartzler Dairy, and in Minerva we are blessed all summer with easily obtained local produce, and even good bread, cheese, etc..but this will give us an option all year long!

  2. Awesome

  3. I tried to share and tag, but it did not work well! Would love to get a gift card so I could check out the store!

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