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Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 | 2 comments

Erik’s Grocery Bag : Craft Beer in Canton

Erik’s Grocery Bag : Craft Beer in Canton


Rewind to last year. A friend and I discovered we had a common interest in micro-brews, as well as the common hardship of exploring varieties with the limited availability of craft beer in Canton. He had recently stumbled upon some great place that he promised I had passed a million times in North Canton on my way to the Walsh University/Washington Square area. To my knowledge, this place didn’t exist, and he was mistaken. I, of course, was in the wrong.

Erik’s Grocery Bag. As soon as we pulled in, I realized why I had never noticed it, and if at one point I had, I never gave it a second thought. The exterior is comparable to a dairy mart or convenience store; it’s probably 30 feet off the road, but doesn’t stand out.

Walking inside – is that… a deli meat cooler? Are those pencils and protractors down that aisle, with a beef jerky end-cap? Yes.

Once you look past the right side of the store, you actually lay eyes on a pretty extensive wine selection to the left. The wine prices are very comparable to Giant Eagle or a local grocery store; so is the selection. They even will assemble a box of hand picked wine.

The craft beer selection is a holy grail though. :) You’ll find it in the back of the store.

With over 200 beers, you can find something that fits your fancy. Buy the entire 4 pack, 6 pack or just a single. You’re able to assemble your own packs for beer tastings, or just to try something new, on the off-chance you’re not a fan.

Dogfish Head, Hoppin’ Frog, Flying Dog, Lagunitas, Great Lakes, Indigo, so many! You can even get your standard, cheap domestics there as well. Seriously, something for everyone.

By a stroke of luck, Collyn and I ran into the beer purchaser for the store, and he was nice as could be. He loves beer, mostly belgians and only occasionally goes for an IPA, but he knows what his customers like and caters around that. One of the most interesting pieces of info he laid upon us was his method for selecting the craft beers for the store – “I just pick what sounds cool or sounds good.” Now, that is smart. It obviously works well because he sees repeat customers, and they’re excited to try whatever he’s stocked next. The brews always change, and the selection continues to grow – this is the place that you need to pop into when you want to get adventurous or even when you want pick up your favorite pack of Great Lakes.

Oh yeah, if you’re a PBR, Miller Lite or Budweiser fan, Erik’s Grocery Bag carry those cases… those sales go to paying the bills.

Price: State minimum for beer, or close; wine seems to be on-point with other retailers
Parking: In front of the store
Service: Everyone is friendly

I love, love, love this place.

835 E Maple St, North Canton, Ohio 44720

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  1. 12th Street Drive-Thru across from Tozzi’s on 12th has a decent selection as well. Also, Beer 101 in Kent.

    • 101 in Kent is fantastic, especially with the tasting area now. Thanks for the heads up about the drive-thru, we will have to try that out soon!


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