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Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 | 2 comments

Frank’s Place on Market

Frank’s Place on Market

You know that the bouches love a good dive, and Frank’s Place on Market is no exception.

I drive past the place every day, and for months didn’t even notice it. Which is surprising because the building itself sticks out – it’s narrow, short, and has a bright red awning. But it’s not until you sit at the red light connecting Merriman Rd. and West Market, when you catch a permanent fixture of theirs, a dry erase board in the front with the bartender’s name, a weekday special and occasionally a snarky saying along the lines of “be here or be square.”

dive bars in akron

What’s key about that board is the bartender’s name… because this is totally a spot for regulars. When you walk in, there are always folks at the bar, and overhearing conversation, they all know each other. Absolutely a neighborhood bar, a family-like atmosphere yet still welcoming to less frequent guests.

akron ohio dive bars

The decor is probably one of the most charming aspects of Frank’s. Think back to your high school best friend’s dad’s garage… or something. Anyway, it’s wood paneled, dark, has string light and loads of t-shirts from local schools and events pinned to the walls. Plus, there is always some decoration left over from a holiday long since passed.

When warmer temps stick around, there’s also an outdoor patio, wooo!

I can be a beer snob. I won’t even deny it, I illuminate when I see a list heavy in new craft beers. But I also get that when something sells, it sells, and why get rid of it? Take a peek around that bar of regulars and you see a whole lot of domestic love. HOWEVER, Frank’s still offers a selection of reliable craft beers. My go-to is Dogfish Head which they have, plus Stone IPA and Sierra Nevada. Drafts are also available, heavy on domestics but there is also a seasonal Great Lakes.

Frank's on market beer selection

The food is pretty good! Mind you, a good portion of it is fried. What we’ve had is not health-conscious, and I’m pretty sure that it’s not farm-fresh or sustainable, but it’s perfect for smashing. Appetizers, salads, burgers, wings, all enormous portions, super affordable and we’d get ‘em again.

restaurant for appetizers in akron

salad at frank's on market

Wraps at frank's place

*The fries could use an upgrade.

Back to the specials. Our favorite so far is Sunday. In order to properly celebrate Sunday Funday you need cheese, carbs and beer. Check, check and check. The Sunday menu we saw last had the best pretzel that has ever existed. Remember, “big ass pretzel“, it is enormous, stuffed with pepper-jack cheese, topped with crispy melted cheese and served with chipotle dipping sauce. It pairs perfectly with the queso cheese dip and chips shown below.

frank's place in akron

Other Sunday specials include happy hour [domestic] beer prices and 50 cent wings by the dozen. I definitely recommend the sweet thai chili and garlic parmesan, and warn you that unless you have no feeling in your mouth, the Frank’s Hot is really-freaking-hot. They come with ranch and celery, you know, like it used to be in the old days. Again, big portion.

Frank’s on Market Weekday Specials:

  • Monday is $5.50 burger night, and if you’re a night owl, BOGO drinks after 10pm.
  • Tuesday is taco and trivia night, with corona and margarita specials.
  • Wednesday is a chef’s special… check the dry erase board. (This is a portion of the anti-bar food they serve, we still need to check it out!)
  • Thursday is half-off burger night. The burgers are the size of your face.
  • Friday is steak special night, $12 gets ya a steak dinner.

good burgers in akron

549 West Market St. Akron, Ohio
Frank’s on Market Website
Frank’s on Market Facebook

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  1. Put it on my Ohio “Bucket list”. I want to go there!

  2. I love that place!

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