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Posted by on Aug 10, 2013 | 5 comments

Piled-high Sammies at Gasoline Alley – Akron

Piled-high Sammies at Gasoline Alley – Akron

A few Saturdays ago, I wanted to venture a bit north to check out the mid-century modern selection at Medina Antique Mall (which is pretty good by the way!), but I wanted to hang with my hubs and little dudes, too. With just two magical words, I arranged an impromptu family outing: Gasoline Alley in Akron.

I can always sway Futureman and the boys with a good sammich, even when acres of antiques are also involved.

Chalkboard specials

Gasoline Alley is an Akron classic and one of our oldest faves, but now that we have a trio of kiddos, we rarely go. Not because we don’t love it, but because they have exactly FIVE tables that can accommodate our fam of five. (Oh, the days of grabbing two seats at the bar.) But in the mid-afternoon, chances were in our favor that we wouldn’t wait long. And we didn’t.

Gasoline Alley is perfect in so many ways. It looks like a roadside dive from the outside, and has a cozy, throwback, and (surprise) road-themed décor on the inside. Old bicycles hanging overhead, floor-to-ceiling old metal signs and framed memorabilia on the walls…like something off Route 66. My kinda dive.

What to get:

They serve most things ‘American’ (but all done so well!) – a whole page of ridiculous piled-high sandwiches, plus ginormous burgers, pizza, salads, pastas, and homemade desserts. Most people go for the sammies and pizza. I’ve eaten many, MANY of their sandwiches; it’s really hard to go wrong when they’re all piled 3″ tall with meat+cheese.

Futureman went for his beloved turkey Reuben, so tall it was almost a fork and knife situation. In his words, “you don’t miss the corned beef a bit.”

I went meatless and ordered their homemade black bean burger. An odd choice for a place with Corn Beefus Gigantus on the menu, but somehow I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. GUYS, it’s so good. Of course, I proceeded to take a relatively healthy option and add a piece of gooey Havarti cheese. It was an extra dollar and pound on my thighs – good one, Collyn.

But can we talk about my son’s $2.50 slice of pepperoni pizza? Futureman and I both snuck bites, then immediately waved the waitress over for our own slice. Their pizza is flat, chewy, and very NY – so hard to find in these parts. I recommend x10. They offer 2-3 kinds daily, with at least one ‘fun’ one like Reuben or Baked Potato.

We had indulged to the point of embarrassment on this visit, but if you’re carrot-cake obsessed like me, you should totally get that, too. Homemade daily, and it’s right there in a glass case (along with other desserts) to tempt you as you walk in.

Don’t forget some others faves, too: the London Broil steak sammie, Italian Stallion sammie, anything with pastrami or corned beef, side of kraut balls, potato latkes, Golden Krisp chips with yogurt dip. You get the idea….:)

What to drink:

They have their own menu of specialty martinis, which I hear are fantastic, but I simply CANNOT drink a martini with a deli sandwich. It’s not right. I opted for a Breckenridge double-IPA off their craft beer menu. Perfect….aaaand it got me in the mood for antique-buying.

Who should go:

Anyone! Singles, couples, families; it all works. And I LOVE that…if you can score a table. The restaurant is small – a few tables to the left, and a long bar and several bar-height tables to the right – so be prepared to wait. Your chances are better in good weather; they have an outdoor area out back.

On the web:

They have a very basic site – with a menu! and it’s not in Flash!

Also found ‘em on Facebook where they post a photo of their daily specials on some days.

Gasoline Alley
870 N. Cleveland-Massillon Road
Bath, Ohio 44210

Gasoline Alley on Urbanspoon

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  1. I’m there monthly for late dinner after a movie. Usually I have one of the seafood specials which also provides me with lunch the next day. I’ve lived in the area over 40 years and, if memory serves, that building used to be a gas station, which would explain the name and “road theme.”

  2. All in all, one of the best places to stop for lunch or dinner in greater Akron. I have Never had a bad meal there. Nice staff, good drinks, nice beer selection. Eclectic crowd.

  3. I’d forgotten about Gasoline Alley, it’s been more than a decade since I’ve been there. I just may need to venture back… Great menu recommendations!

  4. for living so close to there, in 7 years, we’ve always just continued driving past. Will have to check it out for sure!

    • Oh, you have to try it! Such a great vibe and delicious everything. :)

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