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Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 | 0 comments

George’s Lounge Canton

George’s Lounge Canton



Downtown Canton Bar – Arts District

George’s has been in the downtown Canton area for over 50 years, but I only recently wandered in on a First Friday. The outside of this Canton bar is pretty low-key and doesn’t exactly scream “walk in.”

Once you do step foot into the dark doorway, you are pleasantly surprised with the interior – a cozy, wood paneled space and an oval bar that takes up a large portion (maybe 75%) of the shoebox shaped room. The bar is lined by booths on the right.

Beers are cheap. This is the place to go if you have $10 in your pocket and are looking to drink about 4 PBRs. Besides PBR, you’ll find Miller High Life, Bud Light, Genny Cream Ale, Rogue Dead Guy, Blue Moon, Lagunitas and more. These range between $2 and $5 – you can go ahead and figure which are $2. George’s also has liquor and wine… although it looks out of place [read: pretentious] to be “that guy” drinking wine.

Up front, next to the door, you’ll find a nook that serves as the stage for many local bands. Only 3-4 people fit up there, but it’s got plenty of room to turn the space into a fun venue. You can check out live music on a regular basis during “Saturday Band Night” which starts at 9pm on – you guessed it – Saturday. They have special shows on various nights as well, so like them on Facebook to find out about those.

Parking: As with many other Canton bars in the downtown area, you’ll be looking for street parking (free after 6pm and on weekends) or finding a nearby parking garage.

Social Occasion: If you’re feeling especially hipster on any given evening, or looking for a comfortable place to hang out with low-key friends, you’ll really like this place. I don’t recommend you take friends or family that like to be serenaded by piano, next to candle light, drinking a Pinot Noir. They will no longer hang out with you.

Service is good, the bartenders that have served me so far have been friendly and willing to wait for you to figure out what beer you’re feeling.

Sun – Mon: closed
Tuesday – Saturday: 5pm-2am

They have a website!
Find them on Facebook too!

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