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Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market

Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market

Image courtesy of Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market

Image courtesy of Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market

Some Stark County residents aren’t aware of the farmers markets and flea markets we have in our own backyard. Even I’m guilty of neglecting these, finding myself headed to the West Side Market in Cleveland more often than not. However, once you visit the ones we have nearby, you realize that hour trip isn’t always necessary for great produce, pasta, or even to find that unique table you’ve been wanting to upcycle.

One of our local treasures that draws visitors near and far is the Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market, in Hartville, Ohio.

There’s a LOT going on here; take a look at what you’ll find:

Cheap produce in their covered outdoor produce market. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Seriously, I got 5 beautiful red peppers for $2. Huge, shiny, bug-free, delicious red peppers. Retail that in the grocery store, and you’ll spend nearly $10. Afraid of buying produce in bulk? You can freeze it. Magic, right? Artisan lettuces and iceberg can be found for around a dollar, an entire flat of strawberries for $5, asparagus bunches for $2. Many of the vendors grow locally, but you’ll still find mangos, avocados and citrus fruits from elsewhere sold at fantastic prices as well.

(TIP: To freeze peppers for future use in pasta, stir fry or grilling, simply wash the outside, cut them in half, clean out the insides, lay them on a cookie sheet and shove in the freezer for an hour. Then pop them into a freezer bag and you’re able to use them up to 6 months. Same with berries and bananas.)

Inside you’ll find a whole bunch of booths and vendors in their expansive indoor area. My favorite is the selection of boutique style pastas, breads and olive oils. At Pappardelle’s Pasta, you will be pleasantly surprised with the varieties of hand-made pasta available. Flavors include dark chocolate, orange szechuan, sweet potato, sun-dried tomato, lavender and so, so, so many more. What is more enthralling with this company (other than the free samples you can try) is that they have an online recipe book for you to reference. This is tremendously helpful for those of us rookies who can’t fathom what to mix with Chocolate & Raspberry Gemelli. Don’t feel like preparing your own sauce or meal? They also sell specialty sauces to go along with their fresh/frozen and dried pasta. The pastas run around$7.25/lb for gluten free, $8/lb for dried and anywhere between $9-$11.50 for specialty ravioli. The booth will soon be expanding to hold more products which is great!

Equally notable is the booth beside Pappardelle’s called the Olive Tap. They sell all types of fresh olive oils infused with various flavors. I spent about $16 on one bottle and am glad I did; the White Balsamic Lemon Olive Oil makes an awesome dipping oil for bread, gives pasta a clean delicious flavor, and amps up brussel sprouts like nobody’s business.

You can’t beat the price or selection of Hartville Marketplace meat and cheese. The turkey was $3.99/lb… normally $7.99 at Giant Eagle. Many of these are local, or come from Amish country in T-County, and I can assure you nothing looks sketchy, and it’s all neatly packaged, so please stop imagining flies surrounding these awesome gems. The Marketplace is a great stop before any get together to scoop up unique and affordable supplies for cheese/meat plates, fruit and veggie trays.

Jewelry, clothes, soaps and blankets are throughout the entire marketplace (and outside in the flea market). The jewelry ranges from handmade to elegant to vintage pieces from a vendor’s personal collection. There are also spots that sell jewelry supplies if you happen to be crafty and creative. The home decor…. well, it’s for some people. Not my style, but if you like the country style of roosters, doilies, rabbits and baskets, you will find the knick-knacks you’re looking for. There are also a few vendors specializing in Amish style furniture and fireplaces that may tickle your fancy.

Hungry? If the samples from each vendor didn’t fill you up, there is a breakfast and lunch spot inside the marketplace called Sarah’s Grille. You can find items like biscuits and gravy and breakfast sandwiches in the morning, and soup, pizza and hot dogs later in the day. Next to the grille, there’s The Coffee Mill that can hook you up with the caffeine fix you’re craving, or brew up a sweeter specialty coffee. Each open at 7am, although the marketplace doesn’t open until 9am. Of course you are right beside the Hartville Kitchen, so don’t forget about trying that restaurant out as well, even if it is only for pie and dessert – which is a specialty of theirs.

Outside is the Hartville Flea Market – a treasure trove of antiques, junk, collectibles and more. You’ll find old furniture, albums, knock off purses, gold clubs, etc. It’s on parking lot pavement which is nice (if you’ve been to Roger’s flea market with dirt and grass aisles, you’ll appreciate this). It’s best to go out here when the weather is cooperative, but if not, there are sections under a shelter.

Other neat spots in the area: Maize Valley Winery, Hartville Hardware (you think I’m kidding? I rent, with no need for tools or garden equipment, and this place is still fascinating… and enormous), The Hartville Chocolate Factory, TRW/Modern Vintage and Maple Street Art Gallery. As you can see, you can create an entire day trip in Hartville, Ohio.

Located in Hartville, Ohio, Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market are approximately 1 hour South of Cleveland, 20 minutes South of Akron, and 20 minutes North of Canton.

Hartville MarketPlace
1289 Edison St NW
Hartville, OH 44632

Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market Website

Also, be on the look out for a brand new flea market coming to Downtown Canton. This Canton flea market will start on June 1, and will run until August.


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