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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 | 0 comments

Frogs, Tacos and Trükballs – All in One Spot for Lunch

Frogs, Tacos and Trükballs – All in One Spot for Lunch

As you have already figured, we are always on the search for something new to do and somewhere to go in Akron, but that doesn’t necessarily mean after work. We’ve all been there – sometimes you need a really great lunch, or a break from the office, and heating left overs in the community microwave won’t cut it. The solution? Hoppin’ Frog Brewery has been partnering with local food trucks in the Akron area to bring you a lunch break worthy of a Friday afternoon. They invite food trucks to set-up shop in the parking lot on select Fridays between 11:30 till 1:00 (during new beer releases).

The Orange Trük – These two chefs come from Copley and grace us with fresh, farm-to-table cuisine…from a truck! I’ve been lucky enough to try it out twice and couldn’t believe how good the food was. First go around: Veggie Orzo ($7). Asparagus, corn, red peppers, mixed with buttery orzo and topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese. The portion was heaping, so of course I ate myself into a mild food coma. It was worth it. The Orange Trük also has a special item, with humor, the “Trükballs” ($4). These gems are cheesy Italian style risotto balls topped with their own sauce (the sauce comes in a few heat variations). Other menu items include burgers ($8), hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, shrimp mac and cheese ($6), and chicken sandwiches. They also rotate their menu items so you won’t always see the same food each time you visit.

Wholly Frijoles – These guys specialize in Mexican Street Food, and do a hell of a job with it. I had some of the best nachos around. Fresh corn tortilla chips topped with queso fundido, beans, seasoned chicken, pico de gallo, cilantro lime sour cream and their own guac sauce. YUM. They may a little messy on your fingers but they’re socially easy to eat – they don’t end up all over your face. Tacos come in multiple flavors such as braised beef, tequila chicken, carnitas and veggie, all with their own special toppings. Wholly Frijoles offers them in different quantities, depending how hungry you are: 1 for $4, 2 for $7 and 3 for $7. I think that’s somewhat pricey, but they looked great and filling. They also have a big burrito for $8 – I didn’t get to see the nitty gritties of it, but I’m sure it is awesome. Jarritos, bottled Coke and water are your options to wash down pico de gallo and tortillas.

Sounds tasty, right? You don’t have to wait until they visit the Hoppin’ Frog again to try them out. You can find where each of these food trucks will be next on their Facebook pages – both do a great job with social media:

The Orange Trük Facebook
Wholly Frijoles Facebook

One of my favorite parts of this lunch outing? Walking through Hoppin’ Frog’s brewery and tasting room. The founder, Fred, seems to always be there talking to people which is pretty impressive, and the rest of the brewers are also super-knowledgeable and willing to show you around. They are also magicians at suggesting beers you will most likely enjoy. So end the meal by walking in, taking a look around and purchasing a few bottles of Hoppin’ Frog’s award winning brews. Some of my favorites include the original and limited edition B.O.R.I.S Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stouts, Silk Porter, Gangster Frog IPA, and surprisingly the Turbo-Shandy. (It feels as though I am the only person in America that doesn’t usually like a shandy.)

If you don’t think this location is convenient enough for you downtown city slickers… well it really isn’t far, and you really don’t have a choice. Downtown Akron doesn’t allow food trucks. WHAAAT? True story. Chain restaurants, and franchises don’t have an issue, but currently food trucks aren’t permitted to conduct business in the d-town area.

You can help change that, however, if you sign the petition to help food trucks all over to obtain a license to operate where thousands of people work and go to school. I signed it a couple weeks ago, but the petition still needs around 245 signatures. I promise you won’t end up on the receiving end of any spammy calls. (But don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the Hoppin’ Frog visits.)

Recap: Go out to Hoppin’ Frog anytime with your friends or adult family, go for the trucks during lunch with coworkers. Cash is probably easiest, but the trucks are equipped with card machines, woohoo – adoption of technology! Look to spend between $6-$10 per person with drinks at each of these food trucks – they also accept tips, hint, hint. You’ll probably want to allocate an hour for drive time, waiting in line, eating and walking around the brewery.

Hoppin’ Frog Twitter
Hoppin’ Frog Facebook
1680 E Waterloo Rd
Akron, OH 44306

More on Hoppin’ Frog later in our Akron Brewery Post :)

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