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Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 | 7 comments

Beer Growlers and Your Local Grocer

Beer Growlers and Your Local Grocer


acme growlers
Some beers taste great bottled, others are pretty damn decent in the can, but seemingly, nothing is comparable to finding your favorite brewery handle at your regular spot.

As our area adopts craft and specialty beers, it’s easier to find a wide selection of good brews at restaurants like Winking Lizard, 99 Taps and Tremont Tap House, and you can create your own 6-pack at Erik’s. However, there are brewers who only distribute to Ohio through kegs, or only distribute special editions through kegs. And as the average Joe, the chances of you having access to buy through those distribution channels are pretty dismal.

However, our local grocery stores have come to the rescue; to please our insatiable thirst for craft beers, there have been a few that stepped up to the plate and adapted their stores to accommodate our bring-home wants through taps and growlers.

As a beer fan, if you haven’t gotten on board with your grocer’s growler/tap system, I strongly recommend that you do. While there are anywhere between 4-8 taps available, opposed to the “X” amount of bottles and cans, there really is a valid reason for investing in a growler. Not only do you get the freshness, you also have the ability to get those beers to take home that aren’t available through mass take-home packaging.

In addition to bringing home the gold, you have two other bonuses from buying fresh:

1.) The buying process is much different. Unlike bottle/can-buying, you have the ability to taste test. Most of the spots have a manned-station offering $0.25 samples. With each of these, you’re able to try beers you’ve had your eye on, in addition to those that aren’t your normal go-to.
2.) The attendants at the tap station (most places have one) are able to give you some background on the brewery and the beer itself, therefor you learn about the profile and tasting notes. It also makes the rest of your grocery trip a little more fun.

32:64 oz growlers

If you’ve not purchased a beer growler, they generally go for $2.99 – $5.99 depending on where you first buy it. However, from the first purchase on you can reuse it, and stores won’t discriminate if you didn’t buy your growler from them.

growler holds 64 fl. oz. – which is about 8 oz shy of a 6 pack.
half growler holds, you guessed it, 32 fl. oz.

Refill prices vary; you can generally expect the price to match the ABV. Ninety-percent of the time, you’ll find the full-sized growler refills will run you between $7.99 and $19.99.

growler prices

Recommended Grocer’s for Your Beer Growler Fill-Up:

Canton Area

  • Market District (Giant Eagle)
  • Fisher’s Food
  • Acme

Akron/Kent Area

  • 101 Bottles of Beer
  • West Point Market

Cleveland Area

  • Heinen’s
  • Buehler’s (Brunswick and Medina)
  • Whole Foods

Where do you fill up? If you have a growler filling station that you frequent, let us know and we’ll try it out!

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  1. I think you meant “69 Taps”. Easy to lose count after the first couple, I know. :)

    • Hi Ray, not sure what you mean by 69 taps? Isn’t that just a bar in Akron?

  2. Late comment, but might help someone in their growler adventure.

    I highly recommend putting up the extra bucks for the flip-top growler vs. the screw-top. UNLESS, you’re a professional or someone that shares well.

    We have found that beer is usually only good for about 1-2 days in the screw-top growlers….BUT it will keep for up to a week (after opening) in the flip-top.

    I’m sure there’s a word for the “flip-top” but its the rubber ring, metal snap thingy. Its better.

    ps. West Point Market in Akron fills them and so does The Rail.


  3. Are there specific store locations for the Akron/Canton list?

    • Hey Amber! For GE, ONLY the Market District has a growler system, which is in Green, you can actually stop on your way home from work!

      As for Fisher’s: 44th Street, Fulton Drive, and the North Canton Stores.

      Acme has their growler station set up in North Canton, Portage Lakes and Cuyahoga Falls.

  4. Good post! Other spots are: Lizardville, Whole Foods, Great Lakes Brewing, TownHall, and Rozi’s. Cheers to more craft beer.

    • I wish we had a Lizardville around our parts, I’ve heard great things. Thanks for adding to the CLE list! My first growler came from Market Garden Brewery – so it was love at first pour.

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