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Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 | 0 comments

Mid-Century Modern: The Bomb Shelter, Akron

Mid-Century Modern: The Bomb Shelter, Akron

Both Lisa and I are totally obsessed with mid-century modern everything. With the era’s clean lines and timeless appeal, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, we are not alone in this obsession, and prices tend to reflect this. (Curse you, hipsters!)

So, when I stumbled upon Mandi’s blog, I was all too excited to see her Canton home full of mid-century-yet-budget-friendly goodness. I immediately sent the blog to Lisa, who dug deeper, and discovered this little local treasure: The Bomb Shelter, full of mid century modern furniture in Akron. How had we not heard of this place?

Within a day or two, I made my way to Akron to scout it out. On the outside, it looked like nothing more than a warehouse and loading dock; surely a good sign I thought. (Most of my favorite places look awful from the outside….seriously.)

And, wow, just WOW. 12,000 square feet of vintage-y awesomeness – mostly but not entirely mid-century. I was in HEAVEN as I scoured it twice over. Except I had my two older boys in tow, so I was also in perpetual fear that they’d take down one of the 1950s dishware displays in a wrestling match. They did not. It was a good day.

Pieces range from classic mid-century to kitsch (not my thing) to older antiques to who-knows-what. It’s a mix, and I love that. They have vintage clothing, old vinyl, furniture, lamps, dinnerware, tons of fun accessories…even an old VW bus parked inside their warehouse. The Bomb Shelter is set up in a series of vignettes, so you travel from a retro living room to a funky “camping” section to patio furniture, etc. So fun.

The prices at The Bomb Shelter are not cheap; if you’re looking for that Goodwill $20 find-of-a-lifetime, this is not your thing. That said, it’s not expensive, either. They’re knowledgeable about what they have and price merchandise accordingly.

I exercised an extraordinary amount of restraint and left empty-handed. However, I plan to go back and NOT leave without some treasures. Here are a few of my finds (both legit and ridiculous):

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Check out CoolCleveland’s interview with the owners, Damon and Kevin:


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