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Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 | 3 comments

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course: Your Guide to the Races

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course: Your Guide to the Races

Ohio was on national television three times last weekend. THREE TIMES IN ONE WEEKEND – that’s great! And each of those spots were nationally acclaimed for being a top-notch facility in their respective sports. Firestone Country Club Golf Course (Akron), Football Hall of Fame (Canton), and Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

I was at the latter of that bunch for the Honda 200, in Lexington, Ohio. If you’re not familiar with the location (the sticks) – it’s nearly to Mansfield, so about an hour and a half from Canton.

Honda 200


If you read my post about the Indy 500, you’ll know that these races are a blast, even for racing newbies (like me). Traveling to Indianapolis was fun, but, it’s nice to know we have a racing destination that is close by. When you’re at the course, you’ll see license plates from Montana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana and further.

The Honda 200 was and is different from the Indy 500 in a few ways, but the atmosphere and dedicated fans are pretty similar. And I’ll tell you what, racing fans are just really nice people.

All of those grandstands in Indy don’t exist at Mid-Ohio. There are a few, but make sure to bring folding chairs, blankets or cushions to park yourself on at Mid-Ohio. (This allows for moving around a ton though, so it’s a good thing.)

Who would enjoy this racetrack? Pretty much anyone. You’ll find families, buddies (usually not a group of girls though – sorry guys), couples, children, older adults and teenagers at the races.

You get hungry and thirsty – so bring your own food and drinks. Coolers are totally legal here, and you are free to pack as many combos, sandwiches, beer and Powerades as you want. If you run out, or forget your grub, no worries because they have food vendors on site. You can get pizza off the back of a bicycle, snow cones from a cart or go up to one of the concession stands for something more substantial.

Races at Mid-Ohio are plentiful, and varietal. Although we are Indy and F1 fans (I say we but really mean E is obsessed and I’m getting there) you can also find NASCAR races and GT (motorcycles) races there. Although this comes post-Honda 200, there are still races to be had in Mid Ohio, the next race is the Nationwide Children’s Hospital 200 August 16-17, 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series makes its debut at our historic track $45 advanced general admission.

My personal favorite race: Pirelli World Challenge Championship – you get to see all of the cars you normally pass on your way to work or out and about, going nuts. It’s an adrenaline rush, and you really walk away surprised at some car makers. Imagine a Kia passing an Acura, or a Cadillac… it happens here.

If you aren’t into racing but you are reading this because you’d thought it would be more up your alley of restaurants, bars or midcentury modern furniture. I’m sorry :) however, you should keep in mind that this is also a great post about gift giving! Surprised? Well, I suggest giving the gift of Mid Ohio Driving School to that man in your life that has a need for speed. Or for teens that need defensive driving. Ha. But seriously, if you have an extra $600, it’d be fun.

Why go? Mid Ohio is deemed one of the best tracks in America. The 2.258-mile road course has 13 super unique turns, has a plethora of races and is pretty affordable. It’s close by and another exciting destination in Ohio.

7721 Steam Corners Road, Mansfield, Ohio 44904
Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

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  1. I found your blog on the Mid Ohio FB page. I just love Mid Ohio and I’ve never been a fan of the type of racing they offer there. My husband worked safety for six years and I discovered that I love all types of racing! I love the experience that one gets at Mid Ohio. Sad that we didn’t get to experience Indy this year and that we won’t get to be at the Nascar race this weekend! I’m super excited to have found your blog as we live in between Mansfield and Canton and are always looking for new places to try!

    • I’m on the same page, didn’t know I was a fan before Mid-Ohio last year and now I’m hooked! I’m glad you found us :) Hope we have some good stuff for you to try out in the area. Wooster is definitely on the list, so that should be pretty close to you.

      • I’m actually in the Wooster area. We have some great local places here, such as the famous Coccia House Pizza, Hero House for subs and the Wooster Brewery just opened not to long ago. We do go to Canton a lot for various things and just discovered my love for 3 Brothers! Like I said, super excited to follow your blog!

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