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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 | 2 comments

Drive-thru Sushi: Miso Express – Canton – CLOSED

Drive-thru Sushi: Miso Express – Canton – CLOSED


Here’s one we didn’t see coming: a favorable review of a drive-thru sushi joint in Canton, Ohio.

I mean, honestly, when a drive-thru sushi place opens in former Burger King, there are all sorts of reasons to be afraid…very afraid.

Legit drive-thru menu


Truth be told, I had vowed not to go there, until I read a Canton Rep article stating that Miso Express is operated by the same owners of two other local restaurants: Sukho Thai and Buffet Dynasty. While I don’t personally frequent those restaurants, I know people who do, and they’re all still alive and well.

Also, friends kept asking if I had been, so for the sake of blog, why not try it out? And while I’m at it, why not order something with raw fish? Go big or go home, right?

VISIT 1: On my first visit, I wanted to see if sushi was indeed practical for window service, so the drive-thru lane it was. I tried two of my sushi roll go-tos: an avocado roll and spicy tuna roll ($7.99 for any two rolls). For good measure (and lack of self control), I also ordered two veggie spring rolls.

In about five minutes, maybe a little less, I had ordered, paid, and had my sushi to go. Easy-peasy. I even sneaked a peek in the restaurant, and I’m pretty sure I saw the sushi dude rolling it fresh.

How was it? Pretty tasty, and not scary at all! The avocado roll had huge chunks of fresh, ripe avocado rolled rice-side out (technical term), and the spicy tuna was good, too.  They even included a drizzle of “spicy tuna” mayo sauce (again, technical term) on top. They could stand to amp up the spice on the spicy tuna, as it was not spicy at all. The spring rolls on the other hand, were room temp and sans crispiness. I ate one and gave away the other to a famished coworker. Even accounting for my short commute back to the office, these were clearly not fresh out of the fryer.

VISIT 2: All said, I liked my first experience enough to go back for another round the following week. This time, I tried a spicy crab roll (again, topped with spicy sauce) and shrimp tempura roll. The crab was very good; I recommend it! The shrimp, however,  lacked that hot, crispy panko-battered goodness you want from tempura. Not the end of the world or anything, but still.

VISIT 3: A logical person would not order another fried item this go-around, right? Well, this is me you’re talking about; of course I did. I tried the crispy green beans and Vietnamese spring roll. And whaddya know? The green beans were golden crisp, hot, and deelish. Futureman agreed: “These are pretty stinkin’ amazing.” Imagine an onion ring batter with green beans inside. The Vietnamese rolls had the fresh rice paper exterior I love, but a little different than the basil/mint/pork/shrimp/noodle version I’m used to. Still pretty decent.

Menu? The best deal is the two sushi rolls for $7.99. They offer a ‘classic’ selection: veggie, spicy tuna, crab, shrimp tempura, etc. A bunch of other Japanese favorites are on the menu, too: edamame, teriyaki chicken, hibachi chicken, udon noodles, premium sushi rolls, etc. (My kids LOVE the hibachi chicken with noodles and veggies, by the way.)

Packaging? Miso Express does a nice job of sending you on your way with all you need for your rolls: a side of wasabi and pickled ginger, chopsticks, and a few packets of soy sauce.

Verdict? If you want a quick, healthy meal for under $10, give Miso Express a try. Is this a ‘destination’ sushi joint? No. Nor is it meant to be. But it’s miles ahead of any grocery store sushi (and even some sit-down sushi in town), it’s way better for you than anything else you’ll get through a car window, and all three of my visits were pretty darn good. Lisa and I, as well as a couple of trusted friends, all give it a thumbs up.

So, for your next sushi quick-fix, try Miso Express. They’re on the web at

Miso Express on Urbanspoon

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  1. Just an update…Miso closed about 3 weeks ago and they tore the building down this week. Very sad…it was good!

  2. Pictures are amazing. This will be on my Canton “bucket list”.

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