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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 | 4 comments

Etsy-Chic Finds at Modern Vintage in Hartville

Etsy-Chic Finds at Modern Vintage in Hartville

I’ve never considered myself much of a ‘Hartville gal.’

For years when I would think of Hartville, Ohio – admittedly a little (a lot?) stereotypically – I’d imagine women in Quacker Factory outfits buying country crafts and tchotchkes galore. As you may have gathered, I do not like Quacker Factory outfits, country crafts, or tchotchkes galore.

Over the past couple of years, though, my feelings toward Hartville have changed for the better. The ‘country craft’ element in Hartville seems to be waning (at least a little) in favor of things that I like, and isn’t that what’s important here? :)

There’s the new Hartville Hardware (which’ll knock your socks off with awesomeness), Two Es in a Pod kids’ consignment store (where I just so happened to find an ultra-modern Phil and Ted’s Highpod high chair for the babe – LOVE), the expansive Hartville Marketplace with some great new vendors, the always fun Maize Valley Winery, and this little gem:

Modern Vintage

Look at that fabulous ceiling, too.

Look at that fabulous ceiling, too.

Modern Vintage furniture in Hartville is chock-full of upcycled home décor and furniture hand-painted by a group of local artists, as well as an assortment of as-they-are vintage finds and handmade items. It’s very Etsy-chic. On a recent visit, I was chatting with one of the six artists of Modern Vintage, and she told me that their process involves scouring flea markets, thrift stores and estate sales for ‘pieces with promise,’ then working their magic to give that neglected old chair or jewelry tray or picture frame new life with a paint treatment.

Granted, the whole paint-treatment-on-an-old-piece is not everyone. If you’re a furniture purist, seeing an old dresser painted distressed lime green might cause you to go into convulsions. I totally get that, and feel the way about painted furniture myself sometimes. However, if your home needs a little something not brown or beige, or you want an affordable statement piece, this is an excellent way to bring some upcycled colorful goodness into your home. Plus, I’m betting most of these ‘aged’ pieces look best painted as opposed to restained. See, you can still be a purist in good conscience. :)

What You’ll Find: Outside, there’s a smattering of pieces for sale on their sidewalk. A couple of chairs with good lines caught my eye; I’m a total sucker for ‘sidewalk shopping.’

Inside, you’ll find four rooms painted the most fab charcoal grey (also a sucker for grey walls) loaded from floor to ceiling with hand-painted refinished desks, dressers, entryway tables, mirrors, chalkboards, picture frames, sconces…I could go on. The array of colors is gorgeous – they almost JUMP off of the dark grey walls – and definitely inspired me to add a few more POCs (pops of color) in my own mostly grey and white home.

They also do CUSTOM work. If you have an idea for an old piece of furniture, Modern Vintage will bring your vision to life. Contact the store for pricing, but I’ve heard it’s affordable with quick turnaround.

Prices: I thought the prices were mostly on point – I picked up a refinished old red desk chair for $35 and a large industrial-ish (technical term) metal basket for $20. I spotted a couple of smaller dressers for $115, some brightly painted sconces for around $24/pair, and a whole bunch of mirrors in the $30-60 range.

I also kept picking up things not for sale. Sigh.

Overall: All of the pieces are very well done. Not everything at Modern Vintage was my cup o’ tea, but with multiple artists, how could it be? Still, I came home with a couple of treasures and could have easily come home with a couple more, if the word ‘budget’ wasn’t so prominent in my vocab.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home with a POC, want a fun Etsy-style mirror or jewelry tray, or simply don’t want to deal with the whole flea-market-refurb thing yourself, I totally recommend Modern Vintage. Make an afternoon of it and hit up some of our other Hartville finds as well.

Just please, ladies…no Quacker Factory. Thank you.

Address and Hours:

421 Prospect Ave.
Hartville, OH

Monday-Saturday 10-6.

Parking: Street parking right out front and a couple of small lots closeby.

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  1. A little tip – I bought some really cheap small
    carpet dots recently and affixed them to the bottom of the feet of my dining room chairs.
    No more scraping along the floor boards whenever our daughter uses them as a walker!

  2. Ah Great vintage and great collection , i will try to make a trip , I want to check out more treasures

  3. I love. Kenzie and I need to make a trip up there…the rosette stool in your pic up there is screaming her name!

    • Yes, you do! With those vintage, Etsy-chic girls of yours, I think they’ll find lots of treasures. :)

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