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Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 | 2 comments

Movie Theaters With Charm

Movie Theaters With Charm

As a n Ohioan, you may be feeling the symptoms of cabin fever now that we’ve all been stuck inside for the past few days thanks to this pesky “polar vortex” thing.

While it may still be too chilly to enjoy outdoor ice skating or skiing, there are still options for getting out of the house… without freezing your rear off. One of the warmest, easy-to-fit-in-your-schedule things to do is go to the movies.

BORING you say? Whyyy would we bother writing about movie theaters? Well, these particular theater options are a little less run of the mill “5:05pm, 7:30pm showing of The HOTTEST Movie EvEr!!” and a little more fun for their own unique reasons.

Highland Square Theater

826 West Market Street, Akron, OH.

The historical Highland Square Theater shows one movie at a time, in its one auditorium, just like the “old days”. The set up allows you extra space to stretch out, and even sit at a table. You won’t find a 3D movie system here, but you’ll find a unique atmosphere… and a bar. So feel free to have a beer with your film and enjoy a fairly inexpensive popcorn with it. You’re ticket will run you about $5 per person.

This theater is located right outside of Downtown Akron in the Highland Square area. Highlights of this theater include the history, affordability and neighborhood. If you want to make it a hot date, grab a locally-roasted coffee at Angel Falls before, or Ice Cream at Mary Coyle’s after.

Cedar Lee Theater

2163 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH

One of Cleveland’s many theaters, the Cedar Lee Theater always has a vast offering of movie genres to choose from including Indie, Foreign, Horror, and Family Friendly, both new and old. In addition to the traditional movies, there are options for 3D viewings and mid-night shows, the latter being super convenient for those in retail or food service.  Very Similar to Akron’s Highland Square Theater, this charming theater offers coffee and microbrews alongside its traditional concessions.

They do an awesome job with weekday specials too; giving you a reason to go, each day of the week, you can expect $6 Monday tickets, Free popcorn on Tuesday, Happy Hour Wednesday, and Student ID night on Thursday (and this is why I STILL have my KSU ID). Find their show times here.

canton palace theater

Canton Palace Theater

605 Market Avenue N., Canton, OH.

The main attraction at the Canton Palace Theater is the historical building itself. It was designed in 1926 to mimic a Spanish courtyard with a garden-like decor accented with many decorative columns and a rare, original Kilgen Organ. Its ceiling is a moving sky complete with fiber optic stars and rolling clouds – one of few in the nation that still functions.  The theater is much like the Akron Civic, if you’ve ever been.

The one-auditorium Canton Palace Theater shows a variety of art films, block buster hits, and family-friendly movies.  Art films are $5 on Thursday evenings, “Hollywood Hits” are sporadic throughout the weekends and also run you $5. The family-friendly movies are shown every First Friday and are free for those in attendance. If you want to visit, but don’t care for the movie selection, check out their scheduled events which include monthly ghost investigations (rumor is this theater is haunted) and a wide-range of music entertainment.

Lions Lincoln Theater

156 Lincoln Way East, Massillon, OH.

Open Friday-Sunday, you’ll find classic showings in addition to newer releases at this Massillon landmark. Classics include Back to the Future and Goldfinger, mixed with newer flicks like Silver Lining Playbook and Gravity. On top of moving showings, the Lincoln Theater also hosts live events such as live musical tributes and local singer/songwriter performances. To check out their showtimes, their Facebook page is your best bet. Movie tickets will run you $4.00 and with a regular popcorn is $5.00.

Within walking distance you can make a day of it by checking out the Massillon Museum and a few delish spots like Kozmo’s Grille and Bella Sera Pizzeria.

These movie theaters are perfect for any blustery time, so you can enjoy them even when you haven’t been cooped up for several days. I recommend going out of your way to try one outside of your city, and see how it compares to your normal go-to theater. We’re wondering, where do you go out to get your movie fix?

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  1. So many more – need to do a follow up post. Lake Cinemas, Linda Theater, Capital Theatre, etc.


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