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Posted by on May 2, 2013 | 0 comments

Ohio City Patios: Celebratory Saturday Patio Bouncing

Ohio City Patios: Celebratory Saturday Patio Bouncing

To celebrate a great friend’s birthday, we decided to hop in the car and head up to Ohio City for the day. Grand plans of the West Side Market and patio drinks were ahead of us, and the weather was perfectly cooperative – which generally doesn’t happen in NEOhio.

One of the best traits of Ohio City is how easy it is to get around and walk from point a to point b….c,d, and e. Parking at West Side Market, we ran through the vendors and got tons of great produce, cookies, popcorn and cheese then stopped at the car to drop everything off. We didn’t have to move the car or worry about finding additional parking as all our spots were within a few blocks.

Because the only thing that makes a beverage better, is drinking that beverage outside in the sunshine on a patio.

The Black Pig: You can just stop here. Seriously, this is one of the best patios I have been on in Cleveland, Akron or Canton. The rooftop patio is slightly detached from the restaurant. You take a door out the back and walk up the red stairs before hitting the platform. Amazing. Music is playing, you can spy on those below on Nano’s patio and also look across the bridge to see Cleveland’s skyline.

Favorite drinks:

  • Sticky Pig: Bourbon, peach, simple syrup, mint, peach bitters, ginger beer, ice
  • Flower Sour: Gin, St. Germaine, rhubarb bitters, lemon, grapefruit, sparkling
  • Ram Jam: Tequila, orange liquer, Antica, lime, plum, blackberry, ice
  • Fat Heads Brewery Head Hunter
  • Reissdorf Kolsch

Check out the video I snagged showing off the patio:

Ohio City Psychic: Okay, okay, I KNOW it’s sketchy… but it was so much fun to sit down and hear what this woman had to say about my current situations and where my future was headed. For the most part I liked what she spewed out, so it was worth the $10 to sit down with her for a minute (in a doorway, mind you). Her spiel was rehearsed it seemed, BUT I have to applaud her somewhat – she knew that my birthday was all the same number. That was eerie and impressive all at once. Also, if you are looking to change career paths, this lady made $80 within 20 minutes time.

Market Garden Brewery: This is a great place when you are looking for variety. At this point, we were hungry and grabbed some tacos (these are my favorite), mac and cheese, beet salad, scotch eggs and went to town. The inside decor is pretty neat and spacious, but the outside is where it’s at. You sit family style with others and have a good view of the brewery. They brew their own beers (MGB also carries other brands) and they are awesome. We even walked out with a couple of growlers to take back to Canton.

Favorite drinks:

  • Kennett Ale
  • St. Emeric’s Stout On Nitro
  • Citramax

SOHO: Great spot. The patio is located on the left of the building and has visibility to the sidewalk and street so it makes for great people watching. Their theme is southern hospitality – with a contemporary feel, which I’m pretty sure I can jump on board with as their aren’t roosters and picket fences lining the walls. My phone died at the perfect time to get absolutely no photos :) So check out SOHO’s Instagram account to see for yourself.

Favorite drinks:
Well. I just don’t recommend taking two shots of silver tequila…. ha-ha?

We will definitely be finding ourselves on more Ohio City patios as they continue to open up, and the soul-crippling weather progresses into summer. Have more suggestions? Send them our way and we’ll be sure to check them out.

The Black Pig: 1865 W 25th St  Cleveland, OH 44113
Ohio City Psychic: 1915 W 25th St  Cleveland, OH 44113
Market Garden Brewery:1947 W 25th St  Cleveland, OH 44113
SOHO1889 W 25th St  Cleveland, OH 44113

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