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Posted by on Sep 28, 2014 | 2 comments

Park Street Pizza: Locally Sourced Eats in Ohio Amish Country

Park Street Pizza: Locally Sourced Eats in Ohio Amish Country

Head west along Route 39, about 30 minutes south of Canton, and you’ll find lush rolling farmland, quaint Amish shops, picturesque Ohio wineries, and some of the best pizza in the region.

Wait. What?

It’s true; amid an area best know for homestyle roast beef, mashed potatoes, and fried pies {not that there’s ANYthing wrong with fried pies} is a hidden gem called Park Street Pizza. And I’m completely obsessed.

Nice use of fonts :)


Park Street, nestled just west of Sugarcreek, Ohio, is an odd fit, for sure. It’s a hip little spot {in an area that is never-ever referred to as ‘hip’} with a modern, casual, and stylish vibe. No wicker-and-lace Amish decor here. It’s also ‘green’ – from their use of local, sustainable produce to biodegradable, compost-able packaging, the owner’s farm-to-fork ‘pie-losophy’ {their word, not mine} shines through. You can read more about their pie-losophy on their {beautifully designed} website; I love that they have an entire page dedicated to their local producers. Their approach reminds me of one of my Canton faves, Deli Ohio, so it made sense when I learned that the owners of both spots are friends.




Once you recover from the to-die-for aromas wafting from their open kitchen, you’ll order from a counter and find a table among the 8-10 currently available. Lemme tell you, ordering from a counter never tasted so good. They’re in the middle of an expansion, so I’d imagine that table count will double soon, making it easier to snag a spot during peak hours.


It’s clear they also do a brisk takeout/delivery business for residents lucky enough to live closeby; unfortunately my house in North Canton is a *wee* bit out of their delivery zone. I should mention this is an alcohol-free establishment, so you’ll grab a fountain drink or specialty bottled drink from the cooler. Luckily, pizza and pop are a perfect combo, so I promise you won’t miss the booze….too much.

Let’s start with the salads. I’m addicted to their Kale and Quinoa Salad, a combo of shredded kale, quinoa, shaved parmesan, sweet red peppers, preserved lemon, toasted sunflower seeds, red grapes, and champagne vinaigrette. It’s bursting with fresh flavors, and you’ll feel good as you eat it. Even Futureman loves this salad, and he’s not exactly a ‘kale guy.’ If kale’s not your thing, there are several additional salads to choose from. A good friend swears by the Park Street Salad, loaded with dried cranberries, candied walnuts, feta, and their housemade blackberry-basalmic vinaigrette. Here’s the kale salad:

My beloved kale and quinoa salad, in a biodegradable bowl


I like to start with something green at Park Street because what better than a salad to show off fresh Ohio-farm flavors? And it seems right to balance all that bread and cheese with something from the garden.

Now, if you take nothing else away from this post, please, I beg you, let it be this: order the Park Street Breadsticks. For all my kale talk, I know a good carb when I eat one, and these belong in the breadsticks hall of fame. Their pizza dough, which they also use for breadsticks, is nothing short of magical, and the parm and mozz on top take these to another level. You’ll think you can’t finish them, but you will. Just look (!!!):

The most perfect breadsticks, ever

My family has sampled three fairly conventional pizza choices – Pepperoni, Park Street Deluxe, and Colossal Italian – our hands-down fave being the Colossal Italian. It’s loaded with spicy sausage, organic mild Italian sausage, pepperoni, garlic, local basil and provolone. A true dieter’s delight, I tell you. It’s worth every calorie though; you can taste the quality of the cheeses, veggies and meat, and the combo of flavors is perfection. ‘Meat’ the Colossal & Deluxe, respectively:

Colossal ItalianPark Street Deluxe, also a winner


If you prefer more creative pizzas, you won’t be disappointed: there’s Buffalo Chicken, Christo’s Greek, and Cowboy Chicken to name a few. My hubs and kids are pizza purists {sausage, pepperoni and peppers, please!} so I’m not sure when I’ll try these, but they all sound delish. I love pesto on my pizza, so I’ve got the Rustic Chicken Pesto pizza on my wishlist, which I’ve heard from a foodie friend is fantastic.

If you are somehow able to save room for dessert, Park Street surprises guests with something different daily. The last time we were in, the dessert du jour was a dense chocolate cake that looked incredible. But after salad, breadsticks, and pizza, there was no stinkin’ way.

Park Street Pizza also has a new ‘mobile unit’ called Bahler Street Pizza, which is basically a portable brick oven serving sourdough-crust pizzas. You can find them every Wednesday, May-October, at the Tusc Valley Farmers’ Market, but I hope-hope-hope they venture up to Canton soon. Yes, Canton already has pizza on most every corner, but we can surely make room for one more, for a night or two anyway.

Whether you like gourmet pizza, hidden gems, farm-to-table cuisine, Amish Country, or all of the above, Park Street Pizza is a a spot you’re gonna love. Next up from me are a more stops along Route 39, including wine, coffee, ice cream and chocolate….oh my!

Park Street Pizza
 215 R Dover Rd. NW
Sugarcreek, OH 44681
Check the website for hours:

Park Street Pizza on Urbanspoon


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  1. I have only ever had their dandelion pizza at Breitenbach’s dandelion festival but I love it! I get it every year!

  2. I’ve driven past this a million times and never stopped…next time I totally am! I am drooling.


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