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Posted by on Aug 4, 2013 | 4 comments

Rust & Found – Unique Finds and Repurposed Furniture in Canal Fulton, Ohio

Rust & Found – Unique Finds and Repurposed Furniture in Canal Fulton, Ohio

A few weeks ago, a random turn of events led to me driving through downtown Canal Fulton, Ohio. This is not something I do often; charming as it is, Canal Fulton is quaint, quiet, and on the way to….more off-the-beaten-path Ohio towns. The canoe livery, ice cream shop, V-Li’s Thai restaurant (yup, they have a delicious little Thai spot!) – Canal Fulton has remained largely unchanged in the past 10+ years.

As I was driving down historic Canal Street, however, a new storefront caught my eye.

Wait, that’s not quite right.

The storefront’s use of FONTS caught my eye (their main font is called Thirsty Script Rough, for the other font nerds who pay attention to these things)…and a string of questions filled my mind:¬†Who in Canal Fulton is using a mix of vintage-y fonts so well? What are they selling in those perfectly stylized windows? And why do they appear to be closed on a Saturday?

Rust & Found storefront

After a quick search on the Googs, I had my answers: the store was Rust & Found, a newly opened indie home-goods boutique selling unique finds and vintage furniture in these styles:

~ Industrial
~ Rustic Glam
~ Mid-Century
~ Vintage Hip

If you’ve been to my home or are familiar with my style, you know these words describe ‘Collyn’s happy place.’ A mix of Modern + Industrial + Vintage = that’s me. :)

I had to wait a couple of weeks to make my first visit, though; Rust & Found is only open one long weekend per month. The shop owner, Becky, treasure-hunts and works to repurpose pieces by hand throughout the month, then opens to the public for 3 days of ‘Show and Sell,’ then returns to hunting/painting/fixing till the following month.

I caught the July ‘Show and Sell.’
Outside, you’ll find two large store windows beautifully styled with merch, but not the least bit over-styled or fussy. (Yay for subtlety.) Inside, her store is at once airy, rustic, chic, and clean; in short, she nailed the look. Items for sale include repainted dressers, armoires, and side tables in a range of colors, one-of-a-kind wall art, unique handmade lighting, locally made jewelry, custom throw pillows, random-who-knows-what-that-is (so fun!) and more. R&F specializes in salvaging the unwanted and unloved and making it lovable again, or taking ‘nothing’ and making it something you actually want in your home. I love that.

My hands-down favorite pieces were a coffee table and bench made with salvaged wood tops and industrial metal fittings on the bottom. I really, REALLY need these for my life to be complete.

Whether you prefer your pieces with curvy or clean lines, painted or pure, R&F offers all the above. I can see most pieces working in a variety of homes, especially for those of us with more eclectic tastes. I personally gravitated toward pieces with a vintage-industrial feel and can’t wait to see what shows up next.

Since they’re constantly turning over one-of-a-kind pieces, it’s a new experience every time you shop. In fact, I follow R&F on Facebook, and they just loaded up on new (old) finds at the ‘world’s longest yard sale’ in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. (It’s totally on my bucket list to do this with my mom.)

But enough of my ramblings! Go and check out the next Show and Sell for yourself:

August 15, 16 & 17, 2013
111 S. Canal Street
Canal Fulton, OH

On the web:
On Facebook:
Check out the look of the store from month to month:

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  1. Oh my goodness! If it wasn’t for my husbands love of taking all the back country roads between here and Canton, I would have never knew how to get to Canal Fulton {I’d prefer to take the highway lol}. But now that I know that this great little treasure is there, I will definitely be hitting it up next time! Thanks for the info ladies!

  2. This is great! I’ve never been [so] excited to go to Canal Fulton until now ;)

  3. Love the post! And my son (the font junkie) will love you noticing his window graphics design! :)
    Thanks so much!

  4. Ooo! This place looks awesome! I’m going to try to get there this month. Thanks for the find!

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