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Posted by on Feb 15, 2014 | 6 comments

SkyMax Trampoline Arena in North Canton

SkyMax Trampoline Arena in North Canton

I don’t know about you, but stir-crazy barely begins to describe what we’ve been feelin’ in the Floyd household this winter. We’re movie’d out, XBOX’d out, and for sure, polar vortex’d out.

Since hiking, biking, even backyard-playing, are 8″ of snow-melt and a good 50 degrees away, we’ve been trying to pass the Winter blues in more creative ways.

Enter SkyMax.


It’s a new ‘trampoline arena‘ located in the North Canton industrial park between Portage and Shuffel Roads. If you’ve traveled on I-77 just south of the Akron-Canton Airport, you’ve surely seen their massive neon green & blue sign on the east side of the highway.

When you walk in, it’s clear why a warehouse space is necessary. On one side are two separate ‘fields,’ each with 20 or so connected trampolines, under your feetsies and on the walls. Yes, your kids can literally bounce off the walls! There are some long skinny trampolines in the mix, too – occupied by some gymnasts practicing tumbling runs on the day we were there. SkyMax does a decent job of ‘refereeing’ all this jumping madness: ‘Watch out for flying gymnasts,’ they warned us.

While I was entertained by the gymnasts {and wept tiny tears that my back handsprings from high school have been replaced with back tension}, the boys practiced their b-ball skillz on one of the trampoline ‘courts.’ Let’s be honest, it’s probably as close as they’ll ever get to a legit slam-dunk. We’re not a tall family.

On the other side of the 11,000 square-foot arena is a third field of trampolines, which *I think* is solely devoted to dodgeball. Yep, one game of dodgeball after another {my personal hell}. It’s a little chaotic, and I saw some loose interpretations of official dodgeball rules, but my boys were all about it – by far their fave part of the SkyMax experience. Plenty of adults were having fun hurling balls at kids half their size, too.

Finally, there’s the trampoline/stunt bag jump. Basically, you jump off of a trampoline into one of those enormous bags used for stunt landings. I thought it looked awesome. My boys were ‘meh’ about it. Whatever, boys.

SkyMax is planning to add more activities soon, like Volleyball and aerobics classes. And it’s for sure going to be the new hot place for kids’ birthday parties and even casual corporate outings for the kids-at-heart.


-Do not wear jeans or jewelry! Jeans & jewelry = trampoline damage = no jumpy for you!

-Be prepared to wear SkyMax socks or go barefoot. Your own socks are NOT allowed.

-Fill out your waivers from the comfort of home! Otherwise you will spend what seems like 18 hours tapping them out on a SkyMax iPad for you and your kids. Not that I would know. :/

-While you’re filling out your vouchers, make a reservation if you’re going on a Friday, Saturday or holiday. It was sold out until 2:30 PM on the Saturday we went.

-Little kids are welcome! But please don’t take them on a Saturday – they will get ‘trampled’ by rowdy grade school boys like mine, and then I would feel very bad.

-If you’re a parent and don’t intend to jump, bring a book or smart phone. There’s not a ton of space for watching, and frankly, it’s boring after the first two minutes. There’s some tables and chairs and loveseats in the middle of the arena for onlookers.

-You can choose 1/2 hour or an hour of jump time on weekends, and up to 1.5 hours on weekdays. One hour was just right for us. Expect to spend between $8-$13, per person, per hour.

-Be prepared for lots of NEON GREEN everywhere! Branding, you know.

SkyMax Trampoline Arena
7585 Freedom Ave.
North Canton, OH 44720

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  1. How do I apply for jobs

    • All you need to do is stop in and ask for an application

  2. How can I make reservations for today for two of my grandkids that I will accompany?


  3. Could I receive some information on adult use and exercise classes? Price ,Schedule? thanks

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