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Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 | 2 comments

Spoon Market: Gourmet Goodness in Wooster, Ohio

Spoon Market: Gourmet Goodness in Wooster, Ohio

A few weeks ago, I gave you guys the low-down on a new burger+beer place in Wooster, Ohio, called First Amendment Public House. We ate, drank, and left full and happy, with absolutely no business {calorie-wise} making a second food stop in Wooster.

But…we had a problem — a very cool spot called Spoon Market happens to be around the corner from First Amendment in downtown Wooster. And it’s stocked full of artisan cheeses and craft beers and Jeni’s ice cream. In other words, three of my favorite things. It was a must-stop situation.


Spoon Market is a deli/restaurant/high-end ‘staples’ shop/butcher shop/bakery/breakfast joint, rolled conveniently into one.  It’s a quirky and wonderful little concept – eat in {very casually}, grab and go, get a few high-end items for home, or all of the above if you choose. As soon as we entered on a busy Saturday night, Futureman said it reminded him of a place in Brooklyn {New York, not Ohio, mind you} he had visited a couple of years prior. The eclectic mix reminded me of {a very, very small} version of Mario Batali’s Eataly concept, also in NYC. Either way, signs of New York in the middle of farmland is always a good thing.

Let me start by giving you a quick tour of what’s what at Spoon Market, because despite its relative small space, there’s a lot going on. Spoon has a long, narrow ‘shotgun’ style space, as my southern mom would say {the idea is that you can shoot a single shell through the front door and out the back door}, with beautiful brick walls, exposed duct work on the ceiling, hardwood floors, and loads of comfy style.


In the front is the deli – lots of top-quality deli meats and cheeses, gourmet sides {think orange-ginger Brussels sprouts or curried tofu salad}, hot or ‘not’ sandwiches {with welcome components like cranberry chutney or goat cheese}, and smoothies. There’s a funky breakfast menu, too. And baked goods. And a freezer case. And some high-end ‘shelf staples’ like sauces and olives. Yet all neatly organized to not be overwhelming. Items are quality, unique, local, fresh, and well thought-out.

We grabbed some artisan made-in-house pastries from the baked goods case – cookies for the kiddos and an apple-walnut scone for me and Futureman to share. Apologies for the astonishing lack of detail; I can assure you all the items were extra tasty and devoured before making it back to Canton. We skipped out on the house-made croissants and immediately regretted it.

In the mid-section of the space are some high-top tables and industrial stools. Maybe half a dozen or so. Honestly, it was packed on the night we were there and a little disorienting! Guests were enjoying a lively beer & wine tasting, along with an assortment of pizzas and some kitschy, fun music via electric piano. I would SO go to one of their events; everyone was definitely having a blast. Along one of the walls was a nicely curated selection of craft beers and good wines. I’ve become a major beer snob over the past year or two {don’t hate!}, and I can assure you they have the good stuff.

Once Futureman dragged me away from the craft beer wall, I made my way back to the butcher shop. Again, it’s all artisan quality, small batch, locally-sourced meats.  We picked up both smoked Hungarian and chorizo sausages, and they were Ah-Maz-Ing. They have over 20 varieties of sausages available {hello, buffalo+blue cheese chicken sausage}, but getting there late on a Saturday meant our options were  limited. No matter, though, that chorizo made some crazy-good breakfast burritos the next day. They have ribeyes and sirloin and whatnot for beef lovers, too. My Wooster foodie friend John is buddies with the butcher and assured me, yes, this is the good stuff.

We left with a nice little collection of foodstuffs to consume immediately and for a few meals. Sadly, Futureman insisted we leave the Jeni’s ice cream behind, for fear of a melted mess in his car during the 30 minute drive home. Personally, I was willing to take the risk for a pint of Brambleberry Crisp; it’s that good…and hard to find. Sigh.

There’s lots more to love at Spoon Market, too…check ‘em out on the Interwebz at

Yep, a definite must-stop in Wooster.






Spoon Market
147 South Market Street
Wooster, Ohio 44691

Spoon Market on Urbanspoon

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  1. We discovered Spoon last Thanksgiving while visiting during a family reunion. We would have liked to take it back with us (along with the Oak Grove Eatery next door). We also liked shopping for fresh produce and bread at the Roots Market a block away. It’s heartening to see a small town in farm country flourishing the way Wooster is in this day and age.

  2. Hello there! I just stumbled across your website and am enjoying looking around. My husband and I just moved to Wooster recently so we are so excited to try all the local food spots. We too are Jeni’s lovers, and have had luck finding it in Buehlers. I know there is one in Canton, hopefully they have it! Good luck and thanks for the great site!

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