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Posted by on Dec 7, 2013 | 6 comments

Table Six Kitchen + Bar

Table Six Kitchen + Bar

Table Six Kitchen + Bar is what we’ve needed in the Canton/North Canton area for a long time. The chef-driven, modern restaurant is well planned and well executed. When you walk into the place, you feel like you’re in Cleveland, Chicago or elsewhere because of the atmosphere, decor and menu selection.

The Atmosphere

The high ceilings, amazing light fixtures (obsessed with the sphere chandeliers) and enormous wrap-around bar lend to the  exciting, upscale feel. If I were to compare the decor to another familiar restaurant it would be The Willeyville in Cleveland (just with green walls). There are a few options for seating, depending on the occasion you’re going – high tops for 4, tables for more, a ton of booths and a 3-sided bar that the restaurant surrounds. It’s actually a grand space in size.

On what occasions should you plan to go? Any. We saw families with teenage children, guy friends, couples, plenty of ladies out with their girlfrans, and I’d venture to guess that this is an impressive place to take your out of town guests during the holidays. Personally, my “excuse” to go is that I live nearby and have been dying for a place to be a regular…and this is it.

The service was spectacular. The hostesses were sweet, and our server was also very nice and knowledgable. Nothing is less impressive than a server who reads off a piece of paper, so it was refreshing when our server walked up, had recommendations, knew the menu and was able to recite the craft beer selection from memory. Two thumbs up on service, especially for a new restaurant.

The Food

Wow. There’s something for everyone. To start off, the sharables are called “for the table” and include buffalo wing confit, edamame hummus, wisconsin cheese curds, maple pecan bacon, Ahi tuna tartare, pretzel board… the list goes on. The portions are good for the table, and fairly priced between $5 and $12. “Street Food,” I feel, falls into this category as well, which is comprised of various quesadillas (with your choice of tortilla). These are between $9 and $11.

Bacon lovers – gather around. My stomach growls at the thought of their maple-pecan bacon. This stuff was unbelievable. You get 3 full pieces cut in half, which at first you’re thinking, “This is bacon – I want more!” but once you dig in, you realize that it’s rich and delicious and everything you’ve wanted. The portion size is perfect to split between two people.

Farm & Garden lists all the salads (a lot of options) such as kale, Caesar, shaved apple, wedge and garden salad. In addition to those, there are some other veggie treats such as kale chips, roasted brussel sprouts (I’m trying these next time!) and a sweet corn créme brulee. For the vegetarians – you also have an amazing option (I tried it and was super happy with the decision) called the vegetarian platter with mini veggie sliders, pita, greek salad, hummus and tzatziki sauce.

The entrees vary between bowls, sammies and plates. The bowl options include a mac and cheese with poached lobster and truffle oil, shrimp and cheesy grits (next on my list) and a fish stew. Sammies include 4 different burgers, a chicken sandwich and a Monte Cristo which is served on honey wheat french toast and is sooo delicious. At lunch, sandwich options are even more plentiful.Veggie Plater from Table Six in Canton

Plates are your more traditional “entree;” I can’t really figure out a theme here, but it’s almost like they just added what tastes good and thought people would order. There is a NY strip, turkey meatloaf, vegetarian and Mediterranean platters, teriyaki salmon, chicken fried steak, roast turkey leg confit… and more.

The lunch menu cuts back on the plates and focuses more on lots of creative sandwiches, like a Kale BLT with that fantastic maple pecan bacon.

I usually discount dessert - it never makes the cut because of the apps, entree, etc. However, if you make some room for their desserts, which are labeled YOLO (I never thought I would say that word) they’re really good. We tried the warm almond milk rice pudding with dried cherries (g-free and dairy free) and it was perfect. It was sweet and creamy, but you didn’t feel like you were going to Weight Watchers’ hell afterwards. All desserts that we saw come out of the kitchen looked large enough to share among 2-3 people.

Here’s the current menu.

An interesting note about the food, and the server will tell you when you order, but the food just comes out when it’s done. So you may get your plate before another guest at your table gets their bowl, and it’s totally okay. If you want your food in a specific order, such as appetizer before salad, just ask and they’ll accommodate.

The Drinks

Drinks are out of this world. They have six (6) (ha, clever, right?) specialty cocktails that were perfected for the restaurant. Whiskey sippers, gin drinkers, tequila gunners and vodka aficionados will find something on the list. I am a dedicated Hendrick’s Gin drinker and couldn’t have been happier with the Hendrick’s Gin + Tonic that I ordered. My friend swears she doesn’t like gin and liked it so much that she ordered one for herself.

table six canton - bees kneesHendrick’s Gin, St. Germaine, cucumber tonic + lime wedge = heaven.

We also tried the Bees Knees with Tanqueray 10, lemon juice and honey – it was good but the honey had an issue “blending” with the rest, so it was a bit tart. None the less, I’m confident that what you order from their specialty list or classic cocktail list will be awesome.

Moscow Mule drinkers – it’s the #1 specialty cocktail. Table Six uses Russian standard vodka, muddled ginger, Goslings ginger beer and a lime, in the traditional copper cup! We overheard people raving about it, so I’ll go off their rave reviews and recommend it. (You hear that Collyn?)

The wine list – tons of boutique style wines, both red and white. The wine list encompassed the entire back side of the drink menu. I honestly got too caught up in the cocktail menu to look into details.

On to my favsies – craft beer. The selection isn’t listed anywhere but our server let us know what was on draft which included around eight beers ranging from seasonal Christmas Ale to Old Chub’s Scotch Ale (yummo!). They also support local breweries and had Thirsty Dog and Fat Heads on tap. Not into the crafts? I saw some Miller Lite bottles floating around to some tables.

The owners and managers of Table Six traveled to large, culinary-excellent cities to prepare the menu, and the restaurant structure and research really did pay off. I can’t wait to see how this flourishes, and look forward to more spots opening up with the thought and care that Table Six used.

Have you gone yet? If so, what’d you try?

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  1. Great place, Chris makes the best cocktails in town! Fun and refreshing

    • I agree, it’s a fantastic place! What’s your favorite cocktail? I’ve been trying more and am totally in love with the Pina Colada cocktail and French 75. (In addition to the best Hendrick’s and Tonic ever to be made.)

  2. I’ve been multiple times now since they’ve opened. The food is excellent. However, I can’t get over the paper souffle cups for the condiments. They need to class it up a bit with proper ceramic or stainless steel bowls. I’m hoping it’s a temporary fix since they just opened.

  3. Where is this restaurant located–the address please. Thanks

    • Hi Karen! It’s in the old Darrah’s restaurant on Whipple: 6113 Whipple Avenue North Canton, OH 44720

  4. We have eaten here twice already and loved it both times. Fun atmosphere, LOVE the look on the inside. And the sweet corn Creme brule is to die for!


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