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Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 | 2 comments

TD’s Tailgate Grill – Canton, OH

TD’s Tailgate Grill – Canton, OH

When I first went to TD’s Tailgate, I will admit that I was hesitant because I had only remembered the old location. However, I was quickly blown away by what seems like 900 HD TVs in the restaurant. More on that in a second. First, let me tell you about my blind shot at “on the patio, please.”

Hallelujah, amen. A patio with live music, a full bar, numerous low tops, high tops, bar seats, TVs, as well as corn-hole for you die-hard Ohioans.
Live Music

Good patio – check. So what’s next? Drinks. They have a HUGE variety of beers (sorry Perry Township, but the selection here is stellar, and may I say *rare* for this area) and when I say that, I mean it. I’d guess they have around 40 beers to choose from – whether you’re into frou-frou ciders or hardy stouts, it’s available. Not into beer? Go for their TD’s Tailgate Punch – I don’t care for mixed drinks for the most part but Mmmmm.

I swear I’m getting to the food, and if you’re not a drinker, don’t discount this paragraph. They bring a mean Canton Brunch to the table, which is in itself hard to find in our city. Not only do they set up a spread for their Bloody Mary bar (pickles, peppers, okra, vodkas, tomato juices of all varieties, hot sauces, etc.) but they also offer some serious Bellini specials.

Aside from the brunch drinky-dranks, they have a selection of brunch style offerings including pancakes, eggs benedict, “hang-over” wraps and more. It’s great, seriously.

They also have a regular lunch and dinner menu. I haven’t seen it change much so far, but that’s okay with me. You’ll get anything from a Cajun fish po’ boy (one of my new favorites) to a french dip sandwich to a rice bowl. It may seem like a wide variety of options (borderline too many options), but it works well and makes sense.

It’s totally a place to bring both picky eaters and those who appreciate upscale bar food, just maybe not food-snobs (you won’t find foie gras here). But, you’ll find fantastic, well thought-out and prepared food.

Live music – let’s get back to that because who doesn’t like some entertainment? I’m going to guess that this isn’t throughout the year, and would love to be corrected, but I think it’s a summer thing. From spring until fall, you’ll find good, local talent playing. It’s not a hoopty-doopty, free-for-fall, but really well picked. While E may not be a fan of country, he has liked the other live music we have watched there.

Close to downtown Canton, this is fantastic for those looking to go to First Friday or an event in the downtown Canton area. It’s only 5 minutes west of the district’s center, and not nearly as crowded. I will be the first person to promote dining, drinking and playing in the downtown area but  I KNOW it’s not for everyone because of the crowds. Therefore, this is a great alternative for a pre-game dinner.

It’s also sports heaven, and I love football. LOVE IT. I didn’t know about this spot last season, but I’m sure I’ll find myself parked there quite often (especially with the NFL exploiting the network with 4 nights of football – really? Make us want it!!). With the Broncos being my #1 <3 LuRv, it’s hard to find them on TV in this area. I won’t cough up the cash for the NFL network so I head on over to somewhere playing the game, and this is it. Even if you cheer for crappy teams like the Chargers or Steelers, or you’re one of those poor Browns fans, this is the place you can mingle with your rivals and brethren. There are seriously 60+ TVs in this joint.

Go. Get a rewards card – they’ll send you a coupon afterwards, and they even care about your birthday and anniversary. Go there often enough and they’ll start sending you coupons. The servers will start remembering you and you’ll remember them and it’s cool. AND, they have a daily special for card members only – on Tuesdays it’s 3 tacos for $6.99!

Mon – Thur: 11am-10pm
Fri – Sat: 11am-11pm
Sunday: 11am-9pm
Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday until 2pm

2234 W Tuscarawas Street
Canton, Ohio 44708

TD’s Tailgate Website
TD’s Facebook

TD's Tailgate Grill on Urbanspoon

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words about our patio last year! I just wanted to give up an update and let you know that our patio is expanding. We are in the process of adding over 1000 square feet of patio space complete with couches, lounge chairs, chat height firepits, booths, new high tops & low tops along with a complete refacing of the patio bar. If the weather cooperates we should have the patio open before our Summer live music begins on May 30th. Just wanted to keep you updated! Thanks for keeping the focus on the local restaurant scene.
    Kim Shapiro
    Owner, TD’s Tailgate Grill

    • I heard of some expansion, but this sounds wonderful! Thanks for keeping us up to date. I *guess* we will have to make a trip out to check out the firepit… a few times. Thanks again, Kim!


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