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Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 | 1 comment

A Night Under the Stars at the Lynn Drive-In

A Night Under the Stars at the Lynn Drive-In

Last weekend, Futureman and I took the kiddos to the Lynn Drive-In in Strasburg, Ohio, to see the animated movie Planes. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know I love to put together family ‘quick trips’ – outings that feel special even though they’re close by and affordable. The Lynn delivered big time on all of the above.

{Quick disclaimer: While I’m not a big fan of animated films, if I’m going to sit through 88 minutes of cartoons and voice-overs, there had better be some overriding benefit. Like a gorgeous sky overhead. Yep, that’ll do!}


lynn5The Lynn Drive-In earns one of the top spots on my ever-growing ‘Ohio Gem’ list. Currently in Season #77, it’s the oldest drive-in theater in Ohio and the second oldest in the world, and you’re steeped in nostalgia from the moment you arrive. Drive-ins were once the norm for our parents, or parent’s parents (depending on your age!), and I love knowing what their experiences might have been like, before they were ya know….just our parents.

The Lynn has two screens – one kid-friendly, one geared toward adults. Obvi, we went for the kids’ screen. Such is this season of my life. Screens are on opposite sides of the same grassy field, but strangely with zero sound carryover. You’ll find old-school built-in speakers at most parking spots, and you can also get HD FM audio through your car radio, which makes for much better sound. (Not ALL things nostalgic are better.)

lynnThe prices have an old-school feel as well – admission was $16 for our family of five (one of whom was free) to see TWO movies. That’s $2/movie per person for any math whizzes out there. Yep, each price of admission includes a double feature! Concessions are affordable, too. We loaded up on popcorn, sodas and candy for a grand total of $11. Lemme tell you, no one was going hungry.

The best part, though, isn’t the prices: it’s getting to watch movies under a starry sky, grass under our feet, cuddled up in hoodies, getting to talk (a little) without bothering anyone. No indoor theater experience compares. Seriously. In camping chairs, on a blanket, in the back of a SUV or pick-up, it’s something altogether different and special to watch a movie on the big screen in the cool night air. We loved it. The kids loved it. They even asked to go back this coming weekend.

But, here’s the deal, folks. When the drive-in season ends here in a few weeks, this may very well be the LAST SEASON for some theaters. See, the movie industry is switching 100% from film to digital this winter, which translates to about an $80,000 digital upgrade per theater, including the Lynn.

lynn4Honda is doing its part to help preserve this iconic part of American car culture by donating digital projectors to five drive-ins. Honda has always done right by our family with great cars, but this takes my Honda-love to a new level. Winners are being announced this week on their site,, and the Lynn could win! Although voting is over, I urge you to head over to learn more about the project and how you can help.

Of course, there’s a super-easy and fun way we can all support the Lynn Drive-in: load up the car and head to Strasburg to see a show. It’s just a short jaunt down I-77 from Canton. Take your family, take your boo – it all works! And as the Lynn would say, “see the stars under the stars.”

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  1. We do the Lynn Drive-In usually at least once a year. We have yet to go this year…maybe this weekend is our weekend! We have always loved it and our kids will remember the fun of watching a movie outside under the stars.

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