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Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 | 4 comments

Thrift Stores in Canton, Ohio: Our Best Scores

Thrift Stores in Canton, Ohio: Our Best Scores

We love a good ‘thrift store score.’ There’s the challenge of the hunt, chance to give new life to old object, and satisfaction knowing that both our bank accounts and the environment thank us. And, let’s be honest, it also frees up cash for eating out several times a week. :)

Thrifting is not for the weak, though — it requires patience, endurance, creativity, open eyes, and….occasionally intimidation and a potential fistfight. YOU! In the (thrifted) sundress and gladiator sandals! Get away from that chair! If you’ve met us in real life, we look pretty tough in our scarves and dangly earrings.

While we wouldn’t call ourselves pros at this whole thrifting thing just yet, we’re on our way for sure. Here are some of our best scores from thrift stores in Canton, Ohio (and stay tuned for more posts like this!):

Collyn’s Finds

All of my finds are from my local Goodwill, except for the printer’s drawer. These are some of my home decor favorites, but I’ve also found (and bought!) Joe’s jeans, J Crew pants, a pair of $108 designer shoes (never worn!) for $5,  Dansko mary janes, a Target fitted black blazer, and lots more.  My advice: go in with an open mind, as well as a list of several projects to shop for.

Midcentury shelfMidcentury bookshelf – $7. We are constantly running low on space for books in our house. It drives me nuts, even though I love having lots of books around. We’re slowly transforming the big boys’ room into something that, um, big boys would enjoy, and this bookshelf is part of the new look – it looks good and keeps ‘em organized. Not bad for $7, although it needs a bit of work.


ombre lampOmbre lamp, originally from Target. I think this was $20, which normally I would consider too expensive for a thrift store find. Except for these three things: 1) it was brand spankin’ new, 2) it retailed on Target’s website for some ridiculous price over $100, and 3) I loved it! It’s perfect on our old hand-me-down piano from my grandparents.



Wesley's walking toyWooden activity walker – $10. This was a total steal, and wooden toys…well, they’re the best in my book! My sweetbabyboy, Wesley, has played with this nonstop since he could sit up. I don’t know what we’d do without it. Don’t forget the toys section when you’re thrifting; this sold at Target for like $60 or something?! I paid a small fraction of that.



Candlesticks for Halloween/Fall – $1 each. I have a hard time spending oodles of money on seasonal decor that sits in the basement 10-11 months of the year. Also, I’m not a fan of 90% of the pre-made stuff you find at big box stores. So, I’ve taken to making my own! I picked up an assortment of  brass candlesticks for $1/piece, spray painted them black, and arranged them around a silver vase with sticks from the yard! My table got lots of compliments, and the whole look was just a few dollars. BONUS: the pretty table these are on was from a garage sale!

Painted candlesticks


Printers' drawerPrinters’ Drawer. I have this hanging in our TV room. I love it, especially since both of my grandfathers were in the printing business. I’m currently on the hunt for some old printers’ type to display on it, but old type is ‘spensive! Until then I like it empty.


Lisa’s Finds

Like Collyn, the satisfaction and thrill of finding a unique piece at a thirft shop is unbeatable. My thrift shop of choice? Salvation Army. Unlike most thrifters, I have no patience. It’s something I’ve come to terms with, and if you’ve ever come across the racks at Salvation Army – one needs A LOT of patience to get through them to find a good piece. I’ll pay the extra $10 for a shirt I can find under an hour. Therefore, I stick to the outside perimeter for the home goods stuff, and it’s turned out pretty well for me.

After adding up the total cost of my living room furnishings, so far my TV cabinet, side table, magazine rack, stool and vase were all purchased for under $25.

TV Cabinet - MidCentury ModernMid-century TV Cabinet – $12
Be warned, this sucker did not come like this. Although I purchased this piece for $12… there were many of hours [read sanding] that went into this mid-century modern cabinet refurbish. However, I have a sturdy, hand-built, custom TV cabinet that I’ll be keeping for a long time to come.

Two tier side tableTwo-tier table – $6
I grabbed this at the same time as my TV cabinet. I was in need of a side table, and while I’m not a fan of the two-tier style, the wood finish actually came out pretty awesome after some sanding and staining. If you’re looking to furnish your place on the cheap, and pick up a hobby, I totally suggest thrifting. While I’m not sure how long this will stick around my place, for $16 (an additional $6 of hardware and $4 of stain/polyurethane) I’ll take it.


Little mid century stool.Yellow Leather Stool – $4
This gem was perfect for my living room because it matches, fills up a random corner and actually is very useful for taking shoes on and off. Not to mention it’s a great catch-all for whatever you throw down after walking in the door.


Thrifted magazine rack.Metal Magazine Rack – $1.99
I’ll admit that I was going to use this as a shoe holder until I got a new coffee table (an amazing find at Rust and Found) which didn’t have the hidden shelf underneath. I found this at Salvation Army while on a mission to find a dresser (no cigar) and decided a quick coat of silver metal spray paint would integrate this piece with the rest of my decor.


Yellow vase


Yellow glass vase – $2. Another great find and pop of color! Even better, I spotted it at (or one identical in appearance) at Pier One. I’m guessing their version wasn’t two bucks.


You’re not always going to find what you’re looking for, and you won’t find every great piece at the same time, but it’s worth looking around and stopping in once in a while. Not to mention, when you buy products from these stores you’re recycling a piece AND their profits go to a good cause.

What have your finds been from your local thrift store? How much work are you comfortable putting into a piece to make it ready to show off?

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  1. I LOVE Salvation Army on Whipple. I go there everytime I am in town.

    • Me too! I think I remember you getting a belt and shirt there before? I need to learn to find those gems.

  2. Collyn – all of this is from the NC Goodwill!?! Super impressed! I’ll need to give them another try

    • Yep, except for the printers’ drawer which I found in Hartville. And Lisa’s are all from the Salvation Army on Whipple!

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