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Trenipoti: Gourmet Italian Food & Gifts in Canton

Trenipoti: Gourmet Italian Food & Gifts in Canton

One of the most inspiring aspects of blogging, for me, has been meeting small business owners in all the little nooks and crannies of Canton, Akron and Cleveland who are sharing their talents, answering a need, and, most importantly for picky consumers like me, doing/making/selling cool stuff.

Once I began paying closer attention, it was like mom&pop, mom&kids, sister&sister (…you get the idea…) shops starting coming out of the woodwork. I’ve loved discovering them one by one, and hope someday I have the guts to make all those exciting (but kinda intimidating!) ideas in my head a business reality.

One of my new ‘mom&pop’ faves is Trenipoti on Whipple Avenue in Canton and, more recently, with a second location at the Hartville Marketplace in Hartville, Ohio. A few months back, I made the very wise decision to venture into Trenipoti’s original location on Whipple, knowing little about it aside from what I had found by stalking their Facebook page. It seemed promising for the food-obsessed like me, so why not? (Sidenote: blogging has had the interesting side effect of turning me into an extreme extrovert. I’ll venture anywhere and talk to anyone.)


Let’s see, Trenipoti is filled with so much awesomeness, it’s hard to know where to start. In short, it’s a family owned Italian market offering all natural pasta sauces, pastas, prepared Italian foods to go, top-of-the-line from-scratch baked goods (read on for deets on this one), freezer items, Italian wines, specialty beers, gift baskets, and lots more I’m probably forgetting.

In Canton, some (let’s be honest, much) of the list above is challenging to find without preparing it oneself. For instance, I cannot run up to my local grocer and find organic, from-scratch, butternut squash + fontina risotto in their deli case. Nor can I find scrumptious cannoli cupcakes made from organic flours, free from any coloring or artificial ingredients. At Trenipoti, however, those might be two items among 20 of a similar caliber. Look at this ridiculous layered cannoli cupcake:


They put that level of thought, care and deliciousness into everything. Even better, they are TOTALLY committed to ingredients that are all natural, organic (whenever possible), hormone free, preservative free, artisan, local, etc. etc.

Oh, and it all tastes GREAT. (The risotto is my very, very fave.)

But that’s just half of it. They do all of the things listed above GLUTEN-FREE as well, prepared in a separate g-free kitchen. Gluten-free pastas, pasta sauces, pizza crusts, cupcakes, donuts, cheesecakes, cookies…on the list goes. Gluten and I get along just fine, so I haven’t ventured into g-free territory at Trenipoti, but I have several friends that swear by it, and they love a gourmet g-free local option. Trenipoti is legendary among g-free-ers, I hear, for having an outstanding pizza crust.

Their menu of prepared foods and specialty desserts changes weekly, so it’s always fun to check Facebook to see what’s coming up next. A sample from a recent weekly menu:

  • Regular or g-free bacon and cheddar quiche made with organic cheddar and nitrate/antibiotic-free bacon
  • Regular or g-free tomato vodka cream sauce tossed with grass-fed, organic meatballs & pasta
  • Butternut squash and fontina risotto made with organic Arborio rice and chicken stock
  • Regular or g-free individual spice bundt cakes with molasses spice glaze
  • Regular and g-free double chocolate Kahlua cupcakes
  • Regular and g-free glazed vanilla bean scones

Look at these desserts, baked items &  prepared foods:


They also do special orders & gift baskets. Leave it my fabulous friend Lee to introduce me to Trenipoti’s sea-salt caramel cheesecake at a recent get-together at her home. Oh good heavens – it was light, not too sweet, yet totally decadent, and I will be ordering it the next time I have a ‘whole cheesecake’ occasion (which I fully plan to invent if necessary). You can also special order their prepared foods….or just about anything, I’d imagine. The owner is ridiculously helpful and accommodating like that.

Behold, the salted caramel cheesecake:


A couple of closing notes:  1) don’t leave without a bottle of wine. The owner has helped me pick out a few bottles of dry Italian reds, and she’s never steered me wrong,  2) with the opening of their 2nd store, it looks like their ‘prepared foods’ options are in flux, but they plan to have a freezer and fridge section at Hartville as well as the Whipple store, and special orders are always welcome.


The beginnings of a Hartville location:

The beginnings of a Hartville location


The original location on Whipple:


2439 Whipple Ave
Canton, OH 44708


Hartville Marketplace
Hartville, OH

Trenipoti on Urbanspoon

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