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Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 | 0 comments

Vintage-Chic Boutiques on Middlebranch

Vintage-Chic Boutiques on Middlebranch

I hesitantly share this post with you. And as I do, I really hope you and I do not share the same affinity for funky, animal figurines or even wear the same size of clothing…

A couple weekends ago my ultimate deal-scoring, thrift-seeking BFF invited me to attend a “shop hop” with her over on Middlebranch in Plain Township. I have to admit I was excited to see one of the shops I had heard SO much about, but didn’t expect to get a whole lot. I thought my options would be distressed wood furniture, or distressed wood knick-knacks. Both are very fine… but not my jam.

First stop was Gloria Jeans Heartfelt Treasures at 7379 Middlebranch Road NE.

rustic home decor canton

The boutique, in what is presumably a former home, is sweet on the outside, and at first glance seems as though it will be a quick in-and-out.

Walk in, and begin to take it all in. Every available space from top to bottom is utilized to showcase the glitz, glamour and rustic-chic decor. Also, account that you will be in there at least 30 minutes longer than you thought. Not complainin’ though

Plus, once you’ve begun to process the sights, you’ll also find jewelry and accessories that range from simple bands to ornate, lacy cuffs, from funky-fun, fox rings to gothic-style necklaces. You can’t always expect the same items to be there because the merchandise is often changing, but you can invariably expect a variety of quality, unique items.
gloria jeans 2

There are many, many distressed furniture pieces to behold. Dressers, chairs, ottomans, shelves, etc. I’ll tell ya what, they’re really cute! But what I’m impressed by is the range of styles offered. Many more times than not, boutiques offer a great style… ONE great style, and often items start to look the same.

Personally, I seek items that are more sleek, mid-century and shiny, and despite my previous assumption (shame on me), I found furniture and decor items I really like! Sleek lines, shiny metal, many great finds.  rustic chic home decor

And of course there are a lot of really well-done rustic pieces. It’s definitely advised that you go give it a look, and then do two more laps around the space, because you’ll be sure to find some other little gem that would be perfect on your mantel.

Find updates on current and new products from Gloria Jeans on Facebook. (Also where I snagged the pics, as my phone was on the fritz that Saturday.)

Blush by Mimi

By the time we came upon Blush by Mimi, we had already shopped three other stores, had wine on the mind and debated stopping. In the spirit of shopping, however, we said “what the hell” and stopped in anyway.blush by mimi

Blush by Mimi collects designer items (no, not “designer” like Plato’s Closet), but real designer clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry ranging from BCBG to Prada. They turn around and sell the new, near-new, and undetectably not-new items for a fraction of their retail value. There is a range of styles and sizes, older teenagers, young and older adult women will be able to dive into. The collections include outerwear, evening wear, lounge gear and work attire.

Prices are all over the board, but truly match the quality of each item for sale. Plus, much of the inventory is on consignment so prices are, at times, negotiable.  consignment brand names

Here’s some of the stellar deals we made out with at Blush:

  • $35 for a brand-new Laundry by Design coat
  • $12 for a like-new, not stinky, maybe never even worn striped dress
  • $20 for a gorgeous wrap sweater (made in Italy)
  • $65 for a brand-new Dooney and Bourke purse
  • $10 for an adorable baking/serving dish (Tiff picked it up before I got to it, I’m still green with envy – appropriate because it is a fab shade of spring green)

From the “garage”:

  • $2 for a random bird cage decoration
  • $80 for 4 pretty-good condition barstools
  • $2 jumbo-sized, sparkly apple decoration

I am still somewhat perplexed by the garage… nonetheless we still bought plenty from it, but go, and you’ll see what I mean.

blush by mimi garage

Blush opens on Friday from 10AM-4PM and Saturday from 10AM-2PM only. Find Blush by Mimi at 7431 Middlebranch Ave NE and on Facebook.

Some other boutiques worthy of a stop included:

  • English Garden @ 7376 Middlebranch Ave NE (Across the street from Gloria Jeans)
    • Specialty: floral arrangements, quick gifts and home decorations
  • Vintage Chic Boutique @ 2658 Easton St NE (in the same plaza as Oakwood Bistro and Toddy B’s)
    • Specialty: a boat load of handcrafted furniture, refurbished furniture and home decor, and accessories
  • Home Sweet Home 7385 Middlebranch Road NE (right next door to Gloria Jeans)
    • Specialty: home goods, vintage items to be repurposed as home decor and candles/wax tarts

Tiff and I had a blast popping into each of the boutiques, and we both found so many wonderful items for our homes and ourselves… I swear we meant to Christmas shop. Grab a girlfriend or your mom and head out this weekend (or after all of the holiday chaos) and treat yourself to something unique.

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