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Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 | 4 comments

Wing Night in Canton Ohio

Wing Night in Canton Ohio

wing night
WING NIGHT. Who doesn’t love it? Well…vegetarians. Sorry, guys and gals.

Anyway, for those of us who love a good chicken wing, or know someone who does, it’s absolutely essential to know where to get the best wings. However, we can do one better than that. We’re here to give you the best place to get chicken wing specials in Canton each night of the week.

I assumed prior to the research for this post that one could eat a chicken wing anywhere in Canton, Ohio, at a discounted price on any given evening. Nope, I was wrong. Your best chance to get a great discounted hunk of coated-poultry meat is on Tuesday; Thursday being your number two best chance (can you tell that I’m an occupationally stat-driven person? It’s absurd at times), and you’ll rarely find yourself with a good chicken wing deal on the weekend, unless there is a sports game on TV or you’re pairing it with a pizza and soda deal from a chain pizzeria.

Here are the evenings and restaurants you can find wing night in the Canton area. If you know of any others, please share! We love having choices when the craving hits. ((Also stay tuned for our upcoming Chicken Wing Challenge, where we rate Canton’s most popular wing joints by taste/flavor, not just price!))


Monday Wing Night
39 cent jumbo and boneless wings
Plus happy hour is: Monday – Friday 11am-7pm

Winking Liz
Boneless Wing Night
Available after 3pm dine-in only
Happy hour until 7pm

Sports Therapy in Downtown
45 cent wings from 6pm-9pm


Quaker Steak and Lube
All you can eat wings with nacho bar at 4pm

Winking Lizard
Boneless Wing Night
Available after 3pm dine-in only

Hog Heaven
Wings and Shrimp (for those with pescetarian friends)
50 cent wings from 4pm-10pm

Eadie’s Fish House
Dozen jumbo wings for $5.99
Add onion rings for $2.99

35 cent wings

3 Brothers
59 cent bone-in
49 cent boneless

Firehouse Grille & Pub in Navarre
49 cent wings all day

Bone-In Wing Tuesdays
(unsure of the price because they won’t post it anywhere, ugh.)


Giesen Haus
49 cent buffalo wings 3pm-6pm (every day, actually)
10 Bone-In or 7 Boneless wings served with choice of mild, hot, or BBQ sauce. $8.99 (After 10pm weeknights and 11pm weekends)
11am-6pm Draft Domestic Specials and $2.50 well drinks


Quaker Steak and Lube
60 cent breaded boneless wings (orders of 5) after 4p.m.
Plus 3pm-7pm happy hour

Hog Heaven
Wings and Shrimp
50 cents 4pm-10pm

Boneless Wing Thursday

Other Wing Options

There are also other places to grab your wings (full price) that are noteworthy. The Basement in North Canton was nominated for some of the best wings in the Akron-Canton Hot List, as well as Jerzee’s and Irish Exchange. You’ll also find some tasty sauces and pretty decent prices on TD’s Tailgate, Rooster’s, Lindsey’s Pizza, Demico’s Pizza and your various pizza chains. (The wings that come in the $20 Pizza Hut dinner box aren’t bad… I heard from a friend…). And, random: the AMVETS Triple Nickel has some excellent, extra-meaty wings, too.

You can also find some of these restaurants on to snag coupons. Like I said, share your wing night spots with us and we’ll add them to our list! We’re excited to hear about any “secret” wing nights in the Canton area. ;)

And we’ll be back to the wings topic soon enough with the results of our Chicken Wing Challenge. WHO has the best wings in Canton?

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  1. I love the wings at Lindsey’s Pizza, and it’s not just because my uncle owns the joint! :-) Glad to see they made the list.

  2. FYI: Jerzees wing night is Monday & Wednesday.
    I believe Irish Exchange is Tuesday or Wednesday, I don’t remember.

  3. This weekend in Columbus we had the chance to try Roosters. I LOVED them. Growing up on the border of PA, I loved the original Quaker, but the individual franchises don’t measure up. I will be heading back to Roosters (probably the Canton location) again sometime soon. I was really impressed. I don’t typically eat wings, I usually just steal one or two of my husbands, but they were so good!

    • Susan, you are right, they are great at Roosters! I’m sure you’ll be able to drag your husband out for wings and a football game soon :)

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